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I just copied and pasted this from notepad so it’s going to look like shit

The name of the Story is Mirror Mirror.

So I woke up on an early morning after enduring an odd dream, maybe it was a nightmare…Who can tell anymore…
This intrusion of my sleep into a mind scape left me with a minor sleep paralysis. In this aberration an injured man rides along the bed of death and I am able to help him…yet I lack strength. Was it mental or physical? Nonetheless, he died. But who was it? I’ve never seen the face before nor could I comprehend the larger picture behind the dream…

After an hour, the sleep paralysis passes. I go to brush my teeth, and when I look into the mirror I seen something quite bizarre. My reflection, it didn’t mimic my movements as it should or usually does. On the contrary, my reflection laughed in my face when I set my gaze upon it. At first I simply thought I was dreaming again. You know that dream with in a dream scenario…But it would seem that I’ve made a mistake.

The next day, I arise clear of thought and stress free, so it’s time to clean up this odd ball mess. No fret. Let’s take this test. But again, he’s back and laughing with a sinister grin, his eyes are unlike his owner’s, kind and humble, but instead resemble fearlessness and piercing. Yet from my observation I couldn’t quite figure out what was missing…I simply blew it off and went on with my daily business.

Now its starting to get worse. It’s starting to take shape and it appears to be evolving more definition and showing a more visible aggression. As if it had no need for protection, he simply laughed at me, not a kind chuckle or as if something were funny. But in a form of mockery as if something were wrong with me?..It made me think…but wait, he isnt really there…

Months had gone by, now he has a name…One I’ve appointed him with.
I call him Marcus, though I ignore him, he still stands as a spire of honor and deceit. After sometime I muster up the strength and ask my reflection, Marcus, a question.

His eyes lit up as if they were a child in a toy store. He waited with glee and a well remorsed form of anticipation. I stared at him for the first few minutes before I engaged this deja vu like encounter…

After the time had passed I opened up with "What do you want my friend?“
He replied in a cold and almost aristocratic, yet noble of a voice
"Perfection” “…Do you want this favor in black and white?” So I asked.

He didn’t respond, but instead went back to his classical trait of laughing, then vanished. So wait a minute now…He’s gone? It can’t be. I move my hand and the mirror mimics the same movement, I smile and it follows suit…Eureka! He’s gone. The man in the mirror is finally gone…

I fall asleep in peace, no dreams or nightmares, just a nice quiet sleep…
I wake up to realize I’ve been in a form of slumber…
A whole week passed by, yet I thought, could I have lived this, or did I just sleep through it…

I’m starving, so of course im going to make myself something to eat. I walk by the first mirror and stop…I look, nothing but my reflection, happy and content. Even peaceful at that…What a relief. Now on to breakfast.

I break open 3 eggs and scramble them into a round metal bowl. Then I throw a hint of spinach and a tad bit of beef. Then finish it off with a handful of grated cheddar cheese. I grab a bagle from the bread basket, amazing on how long these boxes can keep bread fresh…Regardless, I cut it into two pieces and toasted them lightly for no less then a minute.

The toaster pops up and my omelet is coming to a finish in the large Teflon frying pan. I butter my bagel and serve my eggs onto a green ceramic plate. Then walk my meal to the small table in the lounge as I start to enjoy the wonderful breakfast I just prepared… I seemed to have forgotten something…Ah ha! that’s it, Orange Juice. I laugh it off and make a trip back to the kitchen for some freshly squeezed orange juice. Getting there was the easy part, making it back however, I think not.

I stroll by the mirror in the hallway to the living room. And for shits and giggles I peer at my reflection…Shock riddled my body as my muscles tensed up and my juice that I just squeezed was mixed with blood. The mirror didnt lie, or did it…my reflection was older, far older then I would expect. My eyes were droopy, hair gray, my skin withered in this fear. I crushed the glass that held my juice and cut my hand open quite badly…Nothing too bad about that however…Why am I gray?..After I blink and look again I come to notice my reflection…not laughing or showing signs of aggression, but frozen…maybe even in suspension.

Am I still dreaming…No, I’m simply hungry. I bandage my hand and go back to my meal without looking into the mirror, my eggs are half eaten and the bagel has mold on it…But how?..I just prepared this meal.

Now I feel like im stuck in an episode of the twilight zone, what kind of trickery is this?..To the bottom I shall meet it.

Am I going mad?
One would think not… But maybe?
Hrm…time to get off my ass. I’ve been quite lazy. Maybe he’s right, it’s time…to fight- But this is so vicious, using iron and steel, pen and paper.
It sounds appealing but there is something else behind this meaning…

The end result will be quite delicious. But I often wonder, will I miss this?
My crutch? My excuse?
It will be gone, nothing left to fall on or abuse…

A legit reason to lose. Again Marcus, The reflection made an offer I couldn’t back down from, or even refuse…Alot to gain, and even more to lose…

My enemy within, whats your game? And have you given it a name?