Short Jump - Options/Set Ups

The title is pretty self explanatory , I want to compile all of the soon to come set ups and options with Dee Jay’s Down+Short small jump.

I was toying around with it and im trying to see if there is anyway to get an unblockable air slasher after knockdown, then proceed to have FADC’d the air slasher with small jump to combo.

only had around 30 fights with Dee Jay so far and baiting throws and DP’s with Short Jump is very useful.

Cant wait for new things to be discovered for this, anyone with set ups they’ve been thinking about?

Is this the Knee shot move?

If so i just started using it very useful

reminds me of giefs short jump

yeah thats what it is

Yeah I got to play around with it for a bit. I think its going to be a huge integral part of deejay’s gameplan. Anything that alters jump patterns are so useful at baiting stuff and gaining the distance to be in perfect fireball range. Not only that but if you use it a lot during a match they get used to that range; once you start using regular jump its probably gonna throw them off their AA game.

I’ve been using it as part of DeeJay’s wakeup game by mixing it up with You can use it to alternate between cross-up and non cross-up down+lk.

Worth mentioning at it has crazy priority, beats so many things. But if the enemy is crouching, it will sometimes wiff, and if you hit high on them, you wont be able to follow up because it as low hit stun.

Use it to whiff crossup to deny charge characters charge off of a knockdown.

Using it as a mixup between, then throw/tickthrow.

You can use it as a safejump, but I have no idea the distances or timing. I was testing against Dudley and I had it worked out where if he crouched it would hit him, standing he’d block it, and any reversal would get stuffed or whiff.

Just did a lil video seeing when i land when using it
this i going to mid fuck people
the vudeo is nuffin special at all
if you want me to try anything let me no and i will upload


looks interesting. I think his BnB should always start with cr. lk+lp. Hits low unlike cr. jab and gives you the option select tech in case they mash throw on wakeup.

So a Bnb would be,, cr.lp,, xx whatever…going to try and get this into muscle memory tonight at the local gathering along with the d+ lk jump ins.

linking to is sort of impractical really. 1 frame links for little reward aren’t that good.

Personally I don’t have much trouble at all nailing the cr.jab > cr.strong. On top of that you can cancel it into short dread kicks for a free knockdown, EX MGU for a free ultra, or a EX dread kick for really good pushback and knockdown. That doesn’t quite sound like “little reward” to me at all.

well you can do st. strong for all of those too at close range. In most situations you get an easier link for a similar situation.

Is it confirmed that cr.jab, cr.strong is a 1-frame link? Looking at videos, people hit it to damn often for it to be 1-frame. Is the rhythm just easy or something?

As long as you plink it you’ll get it everytime. Its not that bad of a link if it is a 1 frame. Just work on hit confirming J. MK, Cr. LP, Cr. MP, MGU or EX MGU. Thats the money combo

Its a 1 frame link but very easy to connect

most times i don’t even plink

I started plinking it and I’m up to like 80% now. The timing on it is very fluid once you get used to it.

whats p-linking? Ive heard the term for so long now, but I still dont even know what the hell it is. lol

It’s a method that makes one-frame links essentially two-frame links (someone correct me if I’m wrong). In Dee Jay’s case, those links would be c.lp c.lp and c.lp c.lp

This thread explains it much better than I can: :smiley:

And this youtube video, for the visual aid: [media=youtube]LVK5Kghkqsw&feature=related[/media]

Just look at his input display when he’s beating on Ken. That’s what you’d be trying to replicate.

plinking is glitchy in ssf4. don’t rely on it. just practice.
the way i play i’ll throw a 3-4 hit combo after getting the crossup. actually my BnB combo with deejay is cr jab, cr jab, cr forward. then vortex from there. do this 2 - 3 times in a row and whoever you’re playing against will think your execution is good enough to finish combos once you start. when i get them into the “k, i’ll wait till he FINISHES this combo to restart my gameplan” that’s when i start delving into riskier links. worst case scenario they block the cr strong and MGU has decent enough pushback if you hit the extra punches that it’ll make it tricky to retaliate. oftentimes the distance is enough to make them think they can’t punish. i usually throw a max out after cr strong anyway. damage isn’t as good, but if i miss the 1 frame i get some safe chip damage and can restart my offense.

Plinking actually requires some manual skill. I’d say your fingers are glithy :bgrin:.