Short jump, still work in AE? (sorry guys couldn't find a thread)



I just want to know if it still works in AE. If so, how does one properly execute it. I’m sick of jumping into anti-airs. I wanna make them spin upside down in the air and smash them on their skull :slight_smile:

Thanks Comrades.


I don’t think you can anymore. But it went something like this in SF4, U then immediately UF.

I just alternate between far jumping HP AKA the Superman or immediate knee drop (d+LK in air).
For example, I would get anti-air by Ryu’s far standing HK, when I attempted max ranged jumping HP - fair enough.
So then, in the exact same scenario, used the knee drop, to make my jump shorter, land into walking forward LP SPD. Sure enough grabbed that
Ryu out of his far standing HK as expected.

I think you just have to discipline yourself to not jump, or just neutral jump. Advance forward with your ground game, far standing HK, dash, LP GH, FA absorb forward dash, Quick Lariet, crouching MK, walk or creep forward and block.

By the way, MFGielf, are you Ultra 2 training. cause that would explain the constant jumping.


Yes, short jump still works, difference of a bit over 3 small squares vs regular jump

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I’m not sure knee drop change anything to the jump arc. You must be doing the short jump motion doing this and then thinking it’s because of the normal, but nop.
I tried this just now starting from the corner and couldn’t find a way to shorten the jump range with a knee if it wasn’t done with up + up forward by mistake :slight_smile:
I could be wrong but I tried hard.