Short Log of Gvision 6/10 ranbat!

Short blog of ranbat among other things.

Next time I am going to practice more before going…

Alright…Sugiyama, Roshi and Yamazaki in the top 8. Can’t wait to watch this one. Oh and how are those Green Tea and Azuki kit kats? Look um…interesting to say that least. Green kit kats would scare most Americans I think. My friend is going to Japan as a foreign exchange program for 2 months so hopefully he’ll be able to visit Gamer’s Vision himself and take pics.

wow, top 8 is crazy. can’t wait for the vids.

yo man im goin to tokyo this July/August for 2 months, and I’m really looking at getting my ass handed to me by all of them. I’m going there learn (more) japanese so I’ll be studying but believe me I WILL be playing 3rd strike. so if your interested in chillin out (even though my japanese currently is very poor) hit me up. I’m planning on going to Gvision and other arcades so it should be really good times.

Thanks for posting pics man, its nice to see what those guys look like for a change

Edit: also man would you mind telling me (or just PM whatever) the subway station closest to Gvision I’d really appreciate it. thanks.

The only thing I have to say Matt is GOOD SHIT for getting some action. She’s a cute chick, and even though your game is subpar in 3S it’s tops IRL cause I heard it’s hard to get at girls in Japan. Brings a tear to my eye.

Is Yamazaki let extra confirmed for evo now? Can you ask which Japanese players are coming cause of the huge pot?

I really dont play 3S as often as I used to because I got work and when I dont got work, Im watchin TV.

But ill show you the 2 arcades that i know and when to go. just make sure you bring lots of cash. PM me wheneva you around


Nice log…very cool pix too!

my favorite pic is the green tea kit kat! looks very yummy :bgrin:

[Off topic but whatever]

Did anyone on either US SBO team ever make any attempt to make a log of their SBO experience at all?

Arlieth said he would here but I never saw anything.

MOD and forgenjuro, I’ll be in Japan in September most likely, hit yo boy up! My myspace is in my sig too.

Im goin back to states end of august, Its to bad man i like hangin out with SRK peeps.

whiteyz lol

did you know why they were there like as tourists or just for the games?

I was going to, but then I got nailed with a bunch of deadlines because the same week I got back from Japan was when I had to drive to downtown LA for the E3 press conferences. After that, it kind of fell by the wayside.