Short Short DP Motion?

I have trouble getting this out in a2…specifically for sak.


it’s also been in issue in other games with similar motions. I have no problem doing things like mk into fireball…i just do a qcf and halfway into it press mk.

I can’t seem to do this one consistently, though. Any tips on how to get this down? Like…do you do short, forward, short, qcf? Something like that?

i always do 2x cr. short, forward+short (standing short, hold short from this point)-> down, df+fierce. hold short to prevent negative edge, but that’s more of an a3 issue i guess. i can’t do this consistently on ggpo either, but i’m pretty sure it’s because i’m using my x-arcade. :frowning:

practice this :

Nuetral standing short kick into DP. press short, then whip out a DP motion real quick.

If you can get that down, the rest is easy. Just put two crouch shorts at the beginning.

GGPO is a different story. :stuck_out_tongue:,,, cancel hadoken+p. I don’t play sak but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work and it might make it a little easier.

Yeah, it’s on GGPO. i get a fireball out most of the time instead of a DP, which is both useless and gay