Short.short.short. EX GreenHand

can anyone help me im haveing trouble. I cant do zangiefs short short short into ex green hand on my arcade stick, but i CAN do it on a fightpad… can someone help me plz???

if you can do it on the fightpad then you just need to pratice on the stick

I have been but is there like a certain way to do it on the stick or am i missing out on something?

cuzz everytime i either do it to fast and ex green hand doesnt come out or it gets blocked and i get punished

yay, another thread about combos!

Go into Arcade Mode and do nothing but jump attack -> c.LK x 2-4 -> EX Banishing Flat. It’s just a matter of drilling until you have the timing down…

:df: :lk:, :df: :lk:, :d::df: + :lk:, :2p: works well enough for button input.

press the buttons harder

It’s all timing. If you can’t get it right on the stick then something is wrong with your timing.

buffer the movement then short~ex flat