short, short, short

When and on what characters can you do short x 3 super? :looney:
bonus question: When and on what characters can you do short, jab, jab shoryu?

your better off with lk,lp,lk but if you want u should mainly do it on hugo, it’s easier to land and easier to hit confirm.make sure to press them as fast as possible too.
i don’t do cr.lp l.shoryu, because i’m crap at hit confirming.

Always be careful of advice that tell you to do things “as fast as possible”. c.lp into SA III is the hardest hit confirm for me (harder than!) because I always do it too fast, and the second never comes out.

the three’s should take you a little under a full second to input. too fast and only two will come out and your SA III won’t connect.

why short short short or short jab short when you can just input short short? i never understood this. is it just to show off?

short jab short is easier to confirm than short short cuz the move is longer giving u more time to react to confirm it

^ I think short, short, short, works just fine for that.

true but the last kick of short short short wont connect on (some) standing opponents short jab short works on crouching and standing opponents (except for standing urien,necro, Q)

Low short, short, short connects on most of the cast standing. It works on: Gouki(Ken, Ryu and Sean must crouching for 3x cr.LK), Twins, Chun, Makoto, Elena, Ibuki, Dudley, Remy, Oro, Hugo, and Alex.

The third low short will only connect on Urien, Necro, and Q crouching. It will never connect on Twelve, under any circumstances.

My basic rule of thumb, if you can remember when 3x cr.LK works, and when it doesn’t, why not? If you can’t remember… 2x cr.LK is easy to confirm(despite what is being said in this thread :confused:) and works on everyone! The most important thing to remember is, it all comes down to distance. You can connect the third low short only if the first one hits as close as possible. For example, tick low short, you will only connect two cr.LK.

Your bonus question, low short, low jab x jab dp connects on most of the cast. It works on all girls, Gouki, Urien, Q, Necro, Hugo, Alex, and Twelve. It does not work on the other Shotos, Twins, Dudley, or Remy.

Because the third low short connects on everyone crouching, it makes it strong in the wake-up situation. The third low short is sometimes a free super if the opponent makes a mistake. If the third low short is blocked, well, I just happen to be a sucker for 3x cr.LK -> EX Hadouken. Also, it sets up the UOH just like 2x cr.LK, except you tap forward->UOH. I think the kara UOH can be used here, but I don’t have my stick today so I can’t do any testing.

Sometimes people get antsy and try to jump right after they see one short, thus getting hit by the following two. Besides, you get 50 years to hit confirm 3 shorts, so it’s practically impossible to mess up.

I’d say just get into the practice and habit of using two d.shorts because it’s universal. It’d be sad to get in the habit of using three d. shorts and mistakenly use it on a standing character it doesn’t work on – it’s easy to forget little details sometimes in an intense situation; you’ll end up falling back to your default habits (so make that habit using two shorts).


when i say as fast as possible i meant as fast so all three kicks come out, but i know what you mean though, that’s also why i said he could be better off with lk,lp,lk since he can do it fast and it all comes out.

does,cr.lp, work on everyone though?

EDIT:bloody hell, i just noticed i can only hit cornfirm kens’ on the left hand side:annoy:

Thanks, guys. I do normally use short short super, but having another weapon in my arsenal is never a bad thing, right?

They’re almost exactly the same, except one is worse.

i gotta go with pherai on this 1