Short Short Super!

I’m having a bit of trouble doing c. short, short xx super, and also c. short, jab, short xx super. Figuring out how to hit confirm seems weird for me. I’ve heard of the 360 technique, but im not really sure how its done, can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem. But using negative edge helped me out a lot. Do the following hold down, short,short and hold the button(you should be able to tell if the opponent defended by the second short)do the super motion (FAST)and let go of the short or drum across the kick buttons.

Just keep at it and do it over and over again till it’s second nature to you.

ugh. 360 technique? negative edge? naw man… just practice double quarter circle and kicks…

a shortcut would be to pump one fb motion no matter what, and when you start the second one, you should be able to tell if the combo hits or not. if it does, drum kicks…

Well thanks, im kinda honored to have you grace my thread with your knowledge. I’ll just have to keep working on it.

Do QCFs as fast as you can!

:d: :lk: :df: :lk: :r: :d: :df: :r: :lk:

That’s how I do it.
It’s a normal routine now for me, and I just started using Short Short xx Shippu a lot into my mixup games like 2 days ago. Just practice it a bit at the arcades or at home with your friends. You’ll get use to the motion pretty quickly. If you see the first short land just carry on the routine of what I typed above…it’s quite simple in my opinion. I usually use my thumb to hit my shorts just in case you want to know.

Thanks for the help Duy.I cannot thank you enough.This is the most important combo a Ken player should know.Thanks again

Ok,Im having problems again.I just got the SFAnnivercery stick,and now I cant do the combo.Either the stick’s too stiff,or somethings wrong.

well maybe you should get a better stick, or just work with it until you figure out how to use the joystick better.

Get use to the stick and get use to doing QCFs. You might have a problem like me. I can’t really do stuff in training mode at times, but during a real match I’d get it down quite well. Don’t know, I guess the tension of a match just makes me perform better than when I’m calm in training mode.

Yea.Thanks man

I usualy tap down and short, the do a qcf-short, qcf-short.

man i cant even do a super none the less short short… im using a dream cast fishing pole… any help? i lost my controllers

you’re not reeling back fast enough.

I remember I tone down a date with a girl just to practice this ^^

The key is to do the first quarter circle during the las kick.

short, short (doing one quarter circle at the same time) and then pull the other circle and that’s it.

That’s how I do it. I don’t know how you guys do it.

It’s just a matter of practice. Just do whatever works for you. I really love Ken’s style in this game. He is the shit!


wow… i mean, really. You must get a lot of tail to be able to give it up so freely. lol.

As for topic, EVERYONE MUST LEARN SHORT SHORT SUPER. :slight_smile:

It’s just real good to know. It’s very useful for loads of characters in pretty much every SF game that has supers.

Help Me With My Fishing Pole For Dc
How Can I Do Short Short Super

i once owned a friend with the fishing pole in king of fighters 98 i even got 1 ocv.
because he forgot to bring a second pad and we wanted to play that badly. :rolleyes:

i think cLk cLP cLk sa3 is easier than cLK cLK sa3.

i try to input :d: :lk: :df: :lp: :r: :d: :lk: (hold) :df: :r: :lk: (release)

Comboing it is easy, it’s the hit confirm that bites me in the ass. I have to put sharingan on that shit to decide whether or not I should start drumming :sad: