Short Short Super!

nobody has asked the real “shortshortsuper” question yet

why is ken i’s name shortshortsuper when he plays makoto?

makes no sense

haha thats ken i? i had no idea. Maybe it should be short super, from l.short xx sa1

Funny thing is that motion is really hard for me, but just doing 2 or 3 shorts then two qcfs isn’t. :xeye:

It’s pretty easy for me, only at the arcades though. I just seem to be more pumped, and the stick doesn’t slide around on me. So because of that I see the first short hit and I’ll react to it right away.

But if I’m playing console and sitting on the floor with my stick…

:d: :lk: :lk: :df: :r: :qcf: :hk: :mk: :lk: (drum)

Does this work for charcters like ryu and sean who have qcf kick moves as well. If I try it with them will I get a special or a super?

It’s been a while since I actually laughed out loud at an srk post sigh.

On a similar note, I have been playing sf for a long time now and throughout my “Career” I have tried to teach a lot of people how to play sf well. The main problem I run into, and what I feel is the most discouraging factor for beginners, is execution. That is one thing which I have come to realize cannot really be taught. On the other hand, there are plenty of executionary (?) tricks but the ability to do what you want when you want simply must be developed.

A friend of mine was having trouble doing, xx shippu from the left, and he asked me how the pros hold the stick. Believe it or not, I actually found a video someone recorded about 2 years ago of Daigo’s hands. Yes, as sad as it is, someone recorded Daigo’s hands. Both my friend and I found it interesting that on the occasion, he would reposition his entire hand to perform what I assume was quick shippu hit confirming.

While this may not be technically worthwhile, Daigo continues to land and execute his commands almost flawlessly. There are a handful of excellent players at FFA who play cross handed (right hand on stick, left on buttons). No matter how unorthodox your methods are, it all comes down to whether or not what you want to do, you can do, whenever you want.

Just practice.

:d: + :lk: :df: :r: , :d: + :lk: :df: :r: :lk:

Ryu doesn’t have a QCF move. Joudan is HCF so if you’re getting that by accident then you’re overdoing the super motion. With Sean I can barely do short short super because of that damn flip kick move.

I hold the stick the way Daigo does and someone told me recently that I shouldn’t hold it that way. So I’m trying out the way the locals do it (basically thumb on the right side of the ball, index on the left and all other fingers relaxed to the left of the stick) with moderate success. Using a different kick than LK for the super might prevent accidentally doing it.

Hey, anyone know where that vid of daigos hands is? It was posted on srk ages ago. I remember it was in a thread with a black double stick with red buttons, that looked similar to the a stick.

Trust me, the vid is nothing more then a poor camera angle on what could be any dudes hands. He doesn’t do any special tricks, just drums buttons.’s_Hands.wmv

credits to

A way that i’ve learned to make it a bit easier on me to get out the qcf’s is doing down+ short short, then doing a dp motion from down. Your hand naturally does the qcfs.

WTF? That guy is an idiot. If you execute fine, who cares how you hold the stick.

How to perform the short, short, super and short, jab, short, super!

Ok, I’ve got three methods of performing the short, short, super and short, jab, short, super, that are easy to understand and are probably the easiest to perform in different situations so here they are.

Short, short super

If you know in what ever situation you’re guarenteed to land a short, short, super this is the easiest way to do it, period:

d + lk, d/f, f, (d + lk, d/f + mk, f + hk) Drumming brackets.

:d:+:lp: :df: :r: (:d:+:lk: :df:+:mk: :r:+:hk:) Drumming brackets.

So your hitting the first short on down on the first qcf, then drumming for each angle of the next qcf. Landing the second short on down and activating the super on forward with hk.

Short, short, super + hit comfirm

For your hit confirms there a a few methods, but the one I find easiest is an ever so slightly trickier version of the previous one. It goes like this:

d + lk, d + lk, d/f, f, (d, df + lk, f + mk, hk) Druming brackets.

:d:+:lk: :d:+:lk: :df: :r: :d: (:df:+:lk: :r:+:mk: :hk:)Drumming brackets.

So your getting the hit confirm on the lone down and short, ready to know whether or not to follow up with the drumming after the second down and short. The advantage with this is you have the second crouching short to fall back on if you fail to confirm off the first hit.

Short, jab, short, super + hit confirm

Now for the short, jab, short, super it is again, a slightly trickier version of the one above. Although this is the easiest method and still contains a hit confirm:

d + lk, d + lp, d + lk, d/f, f, d, (d/f + lk, f + mk, hk) Druming brackets.

:d:+:lk: :d:+:lp: :d:+:lk: :df: :r: :d: (:df:+:lk: :r:+:mk: :hk:) Drumming brackets.

So hold down on the short, jab and use these to confirm. Then when you land the last short follow through with the first qcf and drum with the last qcf.

The reason I drum mk and hk at the end is so you have something to fall back on incase your timing is slightly off. You can drum in time if you wish, but I find it safer to drum slightly later. I don’t know, just became habbit off linking.

Now in various parts of these combos you could land the short on down forward, but I prefer to use down to reduce the risk of getting a standing short. It has happened to me a few times, I’ve been flicking off a qcf and went for the short on down forward, but missed and landed it on forward instead. Messing up the whole combo, so watch out for that. It’s up to you but be careful.

Well, that’s it. Get practicing and have fun you short, short, super troopers.