Short slide to super



Having issues executing this move. I can to super all day without having to do a pre-buffer like this video suggests (D,DF, F, D+LK, DF, F punch). After seeing the vid, I’m able to do it half the time, but not if I’m crouched, which can be a prob. So how do you execute short slide to super?


i guess the easiest way is as you said do the fb motion twice, the 2nd time round just lk then lp with the motion.

the trouble that i have is that im trying to press the buttons to quickly without finishing the joystick movment.

depending on how you play you may want to be holding forward when you hit the lp after the lk slide.
for some reason when i play im always moving the stick to much after inputting the commands for special moves

this is what i try to do


but this is what i think comes out when i make mistakes so i only end up sliding


ideally i would like to hold the last direction


but when i do fight against people i feel that i really dont want to hold a position cause i dont want to loose my life i always go to back or to a defensive move

so what i have been trying is


so far this has worked for me everytime so i havent ended jumping forward, well not yet. i find that it fits **my **playstyle (poor execution =D) but i wish i could just get it out with the normal command.

as for crouched you can do

:d::df::d::lk::df::r::lp: (same rule above applys for me)

or you can just waggle the stick on the bottom gate and mix it up with other moves like teleport or tower.

so overall when i do this move im always ending it with back\downback\dashback, i maybe missing the forward input aswell because of this. but i guess i should use it in more guarnteed situations and not so offensivly. but thats just me tho. =/


I always do in this way:

:qcf: :d::df::lk::r::lp:

I think it’s easier.


yeah i try to aim for doing lk with down but when in battle im pretty sure my lk is falling on df now and again. my exucution aint to great and adding the extra inputs that i do are not needed for example ive been trying to do lk slide into flame and the notation i try to use is :r::df::lk::qcb::lp::ub: because other wise i wil miss back.

would like to know if other people stick to doing moves the simple\direct\best? way or do simliar things as i do


Honestly there is no “Best” way. It’s the way you feel most comfortable and consistent that matters.

My personal way is :df::d::df::lk::r::lp:


That input Sounds cool will have to try it off neutral. Yeah what ever is comfortable and what can be done quickest to get me ready for a follow up


It’s the way you’re thinking about it that is making it tough.

Do the super motion and then just piano LK -> LP with the intention of the lk executing the slide and the lp executing the super.

Practice with the timing a bit and you’ll get it by feel rather than focusing on what exact direction you’re moving at what moment.


Been practicing this in training mode and online and it’s a great “surprise” move. Works great if you’re cornered…and also if you’re just a little less than half way from your opponent to 1/3 of the screen. You can mk slide under a projectile, and immediately input the command for the short slide super. The end result is two quick slides into super. Thanks guys, it’s all about feel. The piano method is def the way to go, at least for me.

Related note: is anyone else player 1 side weak? As for inputting the qcf qcf motion, I find myself doing this much easier facing left, and making many more accidental teleports if I’m facing right (when attempting to throw an ultra for example). So, I’m always saving my super and aim to execute it facing left. I know I should be able to do this no matter which side I’m facing, any tips for a noob other than “practice, practice, practice?” I spend hours in the dojo, but still feel slightly retarded moving the stick that quickly unless I’m facing left. There’s a post where someone mentions this dilemma and using it only while facing right :hcb::ub::lp::u::uf::hcb::ub::u::uf: :r: while tapping :lp: to cancel flame to inferno…though I was able to get this a few times, the more I practiced this method the worse it became. Currently, for the BnB, I’m practicing two methods (the examples below begin facing right):

  1. IAT> :r: > headbutt > (still holding :r:) :mk: :db::r::lp:

  2. IAT> overhead fierce > :r: :mk: :db::r::lp:

I find :db::r::lp: much easier to land the flame than the full hcb motion…but since I started out learning it the “hard” way, I’m retraining muscle memory for the new method. I just wish I could cancel the flame to inferno effortlessly on both sides. :nunchuck:


Don’t force yourself to do shortcuts if you don’t feel natural doing them. There’s no point. If your execution is shody then they’ll help you out anyway.
When you start actually using slide xx super, you want to always use the lp version, don’t piano. If you use anything other than lp they can punish on block, and since it’s not a hit confirm you can never be 100% You don’t want to throw it out a lot, but it’s really useful in some matchups.
When you aren’t used to the stick if feels awkward. After a while it won’t. So yeah, practice practice practice.


I’ve only been playing about a month, and started out on stick. But, player I side still feels awkward for quick qcfs. Anyway, to clarify what I’m piano’ing is lk lp mid super motion. Works great. Yoga towered in front of a knocked down ryu and nailed it! Risky but had to try it out. That shit comes out w the quickness. Just curious, since sims bnb is so weird (the timing…you’re not always IAT’ing at the same exact height and have to adjust when to to flame), which is your preferred method? Headbutt, overhead fierce? Shortcut, full :hcb:? Are you constantly holding back on the stick after the headbutt/overhead or let it return to neutral at some point?


About the timing on Sims bnb, you just have to get used to not doing it with the exact same timing every time. Although after playing for a while, you’ll get used to IATing almost at the same height every time, and it’s not a problem at all after a while to adjust the timing depending on how high you IAT. How you do the bnb is all personal preference. I prefer to use b.hp in the air though, since it’s got a quicker startup than neutral hp.


I second this method. Works like a charm, and you can just roll over lk lp (similar to CvS2 RC timing)