Short stories on the paranormal

So back in the day before I decided that 4chan was far to insane for me. I used to lurk the /x/ boards a lot along with the site creppypasta. I really enjoy a good short story about the paranormal. Does anyone know of more sites where I can find more short stories that fit the genre previously mentioned. :china:

spreading scary lies should be illegal

Thank you for your well thought out and insightful reply.

lol those are pretty much the only sites creepypasta is on afaik.

Yeah thats what I’m beginning to see. Been hitting google and nothing short of goosebumpsesc stories…

I have to ask you this, but why didn’t you make a thread on /x/? The worst they would say is “OP is a ******,” or “SAGE GROWS IN ALL FIELDS,” and those are usually the /b/tards that go there to troll. Other than that, most people on that board will help you.

Yeah I’ll have to go that route. I didnt post there because I’m at work and we block 4chan

The Works Of Black Fedora - The SCP Foundation

works of the black fedora are some of the most creepypasted stories there. mostly good, some bad.

this is good too, but lack of updates kills it.

O.o thank you kindly sir. has its own paranormal board that operates alot like /x/ on 4chan, and people tend to be more chill there.