Short story of the world of Snood

to understand better is that in world of Snood there are 4 kingdoms and the 4 kings watch over Snood world, people use Snoods only for pets because they would over-populate. I hope this thread doesnt get closed but o well.

This is part 1 of YoYo the evil emperor story.

Once Yoyo was a small young boy who didn’t really want anything to do with anyone till one day people and the other kids started making fun of him. He decided that one day he would take over the world of Snood. Yoyos only friend was George,George always like pretending he was a hero. Why are people such morons, don’t they anything else better to do with there lives? Yoyo asking George. Like what do you mean? said George.

Well Ill these people only going around collecting Snoods only for pets, these people don’t really know how power full they really are, I mean if people actually breaded Snoods then they would be 2xs more richer by selling the Snoods or using them as slaves or pets or just for gold. Yoyo was frowning. Well were only teens and what your talking about is illegal, all those things you mentioned are illegal if someone were to actually do that they could be really power full. _George got up. _Your a wuss George you always listen to the elders, but what if there wrong but enough of this Im leaving see you later George. Yoyo left.

George felt uneasy what if Yoyo really started breed Snoods. So George followed Yoyo, some reason Yoyo wasn’t going home he was going into a cave. George kept following him deeper and deeper in the cave. Jonx Yoyo yelled out his servants name. Yes sir the 1st breed of new Snoods are here. Jonx replied. As Yoyo turned around he saw George. George sorry you had to see this. Yoyo pulled on a chain George fell though a trap door. George sorry it had to come to this, if you surive the 17 waves of Snoods Im going to drop on you it will be to late anyways because the time you get out Ill be sending 21 waves on the Snood world good luck. Yoyo left Jonx to drop the 17 waves of Snoods on him as Yoyo now plans on taking on the world.

End of the Yoyo evil emperor story part 1 of 10.

Yoyo part 2.

Well George barely made it out alive he kept having to throw the Snoods back at each other (because you know 3 snoods that are the same disappear). George then climbed out of the hole and looked around Jonx was no longer there he left also. Then walking towards the town a huge war was going on. People were trying to stop the evil Snoods Yoyo made but there were to many of them. _Sir the this town is doomed we should just attack the castle and take over, they wond even be a challenge. Said Jonx while sitting on his horse next to Yoyo.

Yes I see that George mad it out also, no matter lets head to the castle. Yoyo and Jonx rode off. George got a horse and went to the castle to help. When George finaly got there Yoyo and Jonx were getting out some strange bags, then throw down a bunch of small balls everywere they turnned into skull Snoods. George never saw that before, seeing how the end was neer for this castle George rode back to the cave to see if he could get one of the bags. As he did he also grabbed a few other Snoods so he could breed later.

Going back to the caslte George saw that the war was over Yoyo was the new King, George left and headed toward the next kingdom to warm the king. On the way to the kingdom he saw the whole town in flames and people were being eaten by the skull snoods. There was nothing he could do there were to many skull snoods. See Yoyo soon you will rule the world. Jonx was smiling. Of course these fools have no idea just how many Snoods are under my control, soon everyone will bow to me. Yoyo started laughing.

End of part 2 of 10.

In part 3 Yoyo and Jonx plan for war, and George will try to warn the king in the 2nd kingdom, but wait Yoyo was a brother named Jojo?

Yoyo part 3of10.

George finally made it to the 2nd kingdom, it took about 2 weeks to reach it. Going to the castle on the way he looked around and saw that the people were poor here and that some Snoods were running around getting in fights and eating out of the trash. George thought how could the king let this happen? _Some going inside the castle George was that all the knights wore shiny armor and the castle had lots of fancy furniture.

The door to the throne room opened and the king was counting his money greedily. Why do you bother me cant you see Im busy? The king look annoyed. Well your majesty the 1st kingdom of Snood world has been taken over by a mad man named Yoyo. George kneeled to the king. Well well why should I care does this Yoyo plan on attacking me next? The king got up asking for more wine. Yes soon Yoyo and his right-hand man Jonx man to come here next. George was looking at the fancy rug he was standing on.

Fine Ill send my troops to battle in the mean time you can stay here and enjoy your stay here. The King said while drinking. Did you say the mans name was Yoyo? I knight walking in the room. George turned around and asked him, why you know of him? The knight replied, why yes he is my brother, he told me one day this would happen and I am prepared to stop him, my name is Sir Jojo. Jojo had excused George and they left to try and stop Yoyo and Jonx. All of the kingdoms troops were ready for battle and saw the millions of Skull Snoods coming.

all right men we wont stop fighting until every single one of us is dead. Jojo pulled his sword out and ordered the men to charge, they fought long and hard but it seemed for everyone 1 man there were 5 skull Snoods. _Jojo was surrounded by Skulls and not much he could do, one of the Skulls leaped at him and bit off his left arm. Jojo yelled out in pain. George ran over to help fighting off the Skulls with his weapons, he used two arm-band claws. See Yoyo no one can stand in your way this kingdom is done for. Jonx laughed.

The king of the 2nd kingdom left and went to the 4th kingdom to tell them what happened. George was knocked out by a skull and Yoyo threw him in prison. Jojo escaped and hid under a bridge, he was missing 1 arm and he lost his right eye, it was shot _out by one of the archers that Yoyo had. Yoyo thought to him self since he had now 2 kingdoms he would have all the armys from the 1st and 2nd king attack the 3rd kingdom, and have all his Snoods attack the 4the kingdom. He _sat back and knew his plan would not fell.

End of part 3 of 10.

Yoyo part 4 of 10.

One year later George wakes up from other day in prison thinking how what or why Yoyo has done this. He never seemed like a evil child. Thinking back to his child hood he thought of a few times were Yoyo was made fun of by kids and adults laughed at his ideas. It seemed like those weren’t good enough reasons why he would do such a thing. Just then the door opened it was Jonx. You should thank Yoyo that he lets you see a visitor once a year, if I was him I would have killed you by now. Jonx let the visitor in.

His name was Serge he was a Legend around the universe. Ive come to let you free he said. He started glowing and punched the wall down. Lets go we must plan are attack on Yoyo. Serge and George left. Jonx ran to tell Yoyo what happened. Jonx calm down I knew Serge might come but Im ready for him you see have made a pact with his enemies the underworld beings. Yoyo got up and pointed behind Jonx, Jonx turned around and saw some evil beings.

Around the Snood world many people died and were thrown into prison, but one person didn’t stand for it anymore, her name was Shappire. She couldn’t stand anymore blood-shed, she trained herself to be a very strong warrior. One day she went straight to the kingdom of Yoyo himself. She killed anyone who got in her way. She almost defeated the whole army to Yoyo came out.

Well well a female warrior, you think your powerful just because you can defeat humans, well I’ve made unstoppable Snood warriors that can even defeat you. Yoyo pointed and hundreds of Snoods came. Haha you think Im scared of your Snood army well guess again. Shappire ran at them taking out her weapon she used, it was a spear. Yoyo watched and he was impressed how she beat them all.
Yoyo walked down the stairs and threw off his robe. His armor looked very strange.

Very well Ill fight you my self to make you happy. He pulled out his sword. They fought for awhile till she stabbed him in the chest Yoyo fell to the ground. _…HAHA very good and skilled but not good enough. Yoyo got up and hit her with the dull side of his sword and knocked her down. But how I stabbed you in the chest? Shappire asked him. You see my dear Ive made a super armor the no sword or weapon can penetrate, its called skull snood armor. He smiled. You sick man I swear Ill kill you! Shappire jumped up and swung at Yoyo just then a shadow came and grabbed her and threw her so far she flew out of the kingdom. Yoyo and the shadow left.

Shappire got up mad at herself she couldn’t defeat him she sat there, thinking that maybe one day she could defeat him. Just then she heard foot steeps. She grabbed her spear, someone jumped in front of her she attacked him, but he pulled out his sword his sword was on fire and he burning the spear. Shappire stop its me, the Legend Serge.