Short Street Fighter x Mega Man Fan Fic

I posted this back on Capcom’s forum back in December so quick copy / paste job! Here’s a story I actually finished unlike my MSH vs. SF Fan Fic that is currently taking forever lol!


For fun I wanted to write a quick fan fiction that creates some kind of story for Street Fighter x Mega Man as a way of saying thank you to Capcom for this free and awesome game!

A few quick notes before I start.

  • This story takes place right after the events of Street Fighter x Tekken. There are a few spoilers to certain things that happen in that game so if you wish to avoid those please look away for now.

  • Since Street Fighter x Mega Man is a Capcom game and not a Namco Bandai one, even though it takes place after the events of Street Fighter x Tekken I’m going to avoid mentioning Tekken and Namco characters whenever possible even if it does take place after that story. If you played SFxT there will be hints as to what a character or two may have done during that game in this world. If you read comics I guess you can think of it as how DC continued the story of JLA / Avengers without Marvel characters. Or maybe as a video game fan how Capcom Fighting Evolution used the same version of Shin Akuma from Capcom vs. SNK 2 and his ending showed the news lady from that game, even though no SNK characters were to be found in Capcom Fighting Evolution.

  • Naturally there will be some spoilers to things that happen in Street Fighter x Mega Man too so if you haven’t played the game yet you might want to look away. I myself haven’t even beaten the game yet so there are things I don’t know and I could be dead wrong about! Still I’m just dealing with basic stuff everyone knows about in the game. I guess if I’m entirely wrong about a lot of things I can always come back and edit, but hey maybe Capcom, a comic book company or someone else will come up for a more official story for Street Fighter x Mega Man and none of this will matter lol! I won’t be telling the entire story of the game. This is more or less an introduction story. So spoilers should be few at best.

  • There will be a few nods to Udon’s Street Fighter comics and Archie’s Mega Man comics because there are some fun tidbits in those books that tie both Street Fighter and Mega Man together, and I’ll be sure to point those out when they come up. Not that this story is part of either of those worlds of course. But hey it’s a fan fic, you can think of any backstory from any video game, movie, anime, manga or comic book fitting into this story that you want.



In the year 20XX.

One bright and sunny morning in Hong Kong China, Mega Man found himself fighting against the Street Fighter Chun-Li. He had already bested several robotic enemies in this area and had arrived at what he would usually refer to as the ‘Boss Stage.’ This was the usual scenario that Doctor Wily would set up for Mega Man several times in his attempts to take over the world.

Having just avoided Chun-Li’s Ultra Super Art by sliding away, he quickly turned around and fired a charged Mega Buster shot right at her stomach! The beautiful Interpol agent let out a horrifying scream as her back slammed against a wall! Several white orbs of energy about the size of basketballs seemed to escape from her body and she fell to the floor losing consciousness.

Mega Man was a bit confused at the release of energy from this woman. He had witnessed this several times after defeating Dr. Wily’s evil Robot Masters but never from an ordinary human. Upon instinct he jumped high in the sky and managed to absorb the orbs of power just as he had done several times in the past.

Something was different this time. Most of his body turned black as night with strange patterns of white lines all around. His eyes took on a reddish glow. His helmet, torso, forearms and boots turned purple. He began to struggle, like he was possessed by an evil spirit!


Just as soon as this internal struggle began within Mega Man it ended just as quickly. His eyes and flesh tone returned back to normal. His armor was colored a bit differently. The helmet, torso, forearms and legs of Doctor Light’s favorite robot turned a lighter shade of blue while the rest of it turned yellow. Mega Man’s armor would normally change colors whenever he used the abilities he gained from defeating another robot.

“Strange, I seemed to have absorbed one of your abilities. My internal systems are telling me that I gained the ‘Lightning Kick.’ Hmm, let me test it out,” pondered the android.

He lifted his right leg and began to kick in the air furiously at a machine gun’s pace several times just like he had witnessed Chun-Li do earlier! His kicks got a little out of control and he wound up kicking himself right in the face knocking himself down! “OUCH,” he belted upon impact!

“I guess I need to practice that move. Maybe Dan Hibiki could give me some pointers!”

Slowly rising from the ground and getting up on one knee, Chun-Li managed to speak even if she was still a bit winded.

“…This must be how you’re body interprets Pandora’s power. You are quite an advanced robot indeed.”

Mega Man stood up, took a good look at the woman and realized something. “Say wait a minute, I know you! You’re that news lady from TV!” (As seen in the first issue of Archie’s Mega Man comic and also in Mega Man 9.) “Yeah, that was an undercover gig I took on that seemed to stick. I stayed with it once I thought Shadaloo was destroyed. When I found out that wasn’t the case I returned to Interpol.”

“Shadaloo? I’ve heard of them. Those guys are bad news. But what’s this Pandora power you were talking about?”

“Perhaps I should start at the beginning.”




One week ago in one of the coldest regions of Antarctica, Ryu stood barefoot hunched over looking more like an animal than a man. His flesh was jet black with strange white patterns all around. His hair was white and his gi had a purplish glow. His blood red eyes were bright as two stop lights on a street corner. What was missing from Ryu was the red headband that he always seemed to wear.

The wind was pretty fierce that night and visibility was at an all-time low as mother nature pushed the snow on the ground all about. About ten feet away from Ryu stood Ken. His left eye was blackened and he had bruises all around his body. He was having a really tough time battling his best friend Ryu. Still in his fighting stance, he held Ryu’s headband in his right hand.

“Ryu! You’re still under Pandora’s influence! SNAP OUT OF IT!”


After this blood curdling yell Ryu ran up to Ken like a souless beast. Ken dashed towards Ryu at the same time! With a mighty blow he punched Ken square in the chest! A blast of Ki shot through his body and blasted out of Ken’s back! Ken’s only counter move? He spent this time tying Ryu’s headband back around his forehead!

“Remember… Who you are… Ryu…” With that, Ken passed out.

Ryu let out a growl and uttered, “Ken…”

“So this is what became of Pandora’s remaining power! The burden is too much for any one person. Come with us, Ryu!”

Looking around to see who was calling out to him, in the white blaze of blowing snow he could make out Chun-Li. She wasn’t alone. Accompanying her was Cammy, Blanka, Sakura, Rolento, Ibuki, Dhalsim and Rose.

“I came here because I sensed an imbalance in the forces of good and evil. Perhaps we are fortunate that the one plagued with this power has already won against the Satsui No Hado. Maybe he can perform that miracle for a second time,” declared Rose.

“If anyone can do it Ryu can,” cheered Sakura, Ryu’s biggest fan.

“You must meditate and overcome this darkness. YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA…” chimed in Dhalsim.

“ATTEN HUT! If he refuses to back down we’ll have to beat him into submission,” stated Rolento.

“Sigh, it’s too bad, Ryu’s kind of cute. Why can’t I ever meet any normal guys?” Rolling her eyes and shaking her head, Ibuki wondered if she was ever going to meet Mr. Right.

“Aroo aroo AROOOOO!” Yes that was all Blanka had to contribute to the conversation.

Ryu snarled, putting one hand by his side and a fist in front of his face. Bending his knees and bouncing up and down, his fighting stance was the only response he felt like giving at this time.

“It appears we’ve had a breakdown in negotiations. SPIRAL ARROW!”

Cammy’s deadly double kick spinning attack was paried by the Pandora plagued protagonist who countered with his “SHORYUKEN” styled uppercut nabbing Cammy in her spine! Screaming as his dark Ki engulfed her body she fell to the ground lifeless!

“HADOKEN!” “KIKOKEN!” These two projectiles fired by both Sakura and Chun-Li respectively were annihilated by Ryu’s “SHINKU HADOKEN!” His massive projectile overpowered both attacks and struck both women knocking them down! Chun-Li being a bit more experienced than Sakura only fell to the snow while Sakura went down for the count!

Ibuki jumped up in the air and fired a Kunai at Ryu! Catching the blade in between his fingertips he fired the deadly shuriken back at Ibuki stabbing her in the stomach! The cut wasn’t deep enough for a mortal wound but the ninja still lost enough blood to take her out of this fight.

Ryu took down the rest in a matter of seconds! Rose fell with a quick karate chop to her neck after Ryu dodged her “SOUL SPARK!” Dhalsim’s “YOGA FIRE” was no match for his “SAKUNETSU” fiery projectile! Blocking all of Rolento’s staff blows with one hand his Joudan Sokutogeri kick to the chest put him down! Blanka’s Rolling Attack was put down by a well-timed “TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!”

“HUH HUH HUH! Seems like no one is a match for the remnants of Pandora’s power! A power that will belong to Shadaloo! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Ryu looked up to see Master Bison approaching with his two henchmen, the boxer Balrog and the Spanish ninja Vega.




About a half a mile away even more challengers appeared ready to take on Ryu!

From a tomahawk helicopter that housed the ‘S.I.N.’ logo emerged Crimson Viper. Jumping out of the aircraft and floating down softly thanks to the jets on her heels the tan red haired beauty was about to jump into the fray. Even if she did miss out of the recent tournament where fighters battled to obtain the power of Pandora’s Box.

Visibility was still really low thanks to those gusty snow laced winds but Crimson Viper could vaguely make out a man walking with his hands in his pockets, headed in the same direction that Ryu was fighting the other combatants. He was about twenty feet away and all she could make out is that he had blonde hair and wore a white business suit.

Meanwhile, Ryu made quick work of the Shadaloo fighters just like he did of everybody else! Balrog nabbed Ryu with an endless barrage of powerful blows. The Ansatsuken practitioner merely stood there without blocking, taking in every single punch and none of the blows caused any damage! Once he caught Balrog with his own ten hit combo the Boxer wasn’t able to say the same while falling face down in the snow! Vega’s “BLOODY HIGH CLAW” Ultra Attack was stopped by a mere kick to his mask! Even Master Bison couldn’t do anything to stop Ryu with his notorious “PSYCHO CRUSHER” being halted by Ryu’s “SHIN SHORYUKEN!”

Standing victorious over all of his fallen opponents, the afflicted fighter spoke.


Several black streams of energy emerged from Ryu’s body moving in irregular patterns, like the necks of a multi-headed hydra! The beams attacked everyone who was still conscious! Chun-Li, Rose, Rolento, Blanka, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega and Master Bison!

That’s not all! Two beams spread far out and attacked Crimson Viper along with the man wearing the white suit! When the wave of energy struck the man in the suit his hair turned white upon impact!

Another beam of dark energy spread far out to the place that Pandora’s Box used to be striking a defeated warrior that was resting on the snow covered ground. The power had awakened Akuma once again, one of the strongest martial artists in the world!

Ryu’s skin and hair color returned to normal. Since the power of Pandora was spread out between these 12 martial artists each of them looked as normal as ever. Only with a newly found burning desire awakened in their very souls.


“I… see… you finally understand,” stated Ryu. “There is one fighter, although not human he has never been defeated. Mega Man!”

“Mega Man,” questioned the newly possessed Dhalsim. “Was that not the overweight fighter that lost to that strange yellow orb piloting that wooden dummy?”

“No… I sense that was a Mega Man from a parallel universe. I believe Ryu is talking about the Mega Man from our universe,” added Rose.

“That wind-up toy? I’ll pound him inta next week,” declared Balrog. Vega chuckled, “Huh huh huh. Such a child is no match for my beauty.”

“Heh heh heh, interesting! Doctor Wily is currently in jail, but he used to work for Shadaloo a few years ago (see Street Fighter II Turbo issue #9 from Studio Udon). He always used the same passwords over and over when he worked for us. It won’t be too difficult to find some of his secret bases and activate some of his old robot soldiers with those passwords. Let’s make this a fun game, just like Doctor Wily set up for him many times in the past! Only this time he is sure to lose, fighting against martial artists under the influence of Pandora! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Roger that Bison! I call dibs on Metro City!” Rolento was ready and raring to go. “Aroo aroo aroo!” Blanka agreed and everything was set in motion!

Bison continued to laugh while his stealth bomber appeared overhead, ready to take everyone to his secret lair in preparation for Mega Man’s downfall!

Before all was said and done, Bison teleported in between the two fighters that were approaching them some distance away. When they were struck with Pandora’s energy, they pretty much stood there and remained motionless. Bison faced the opposite direction right in the middle, about ten feet away from both of them. “Heh heh heh. Through the power of Pandora both of you can sense what we are planning. I can tell that you want to play too but wish to keep your identities a secret from the others for now. Very well. When the time is right I will contact you both. Crimson Viper and Urien. Heh heh heh ha ha ha MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Vega teleported away and joined the others on the stealth bomber.

Back to the present, Chun-Li just finished relating to Mega Man all of the parts of the story that she was aware of. Mega Man’s armor was still yellow and blue just as it was before.

“I think I know what happened after that. Dan, getting himself lost in Antarctica and missing the tournament happened across Ken, Cammy, Sakura and Ibuki. All Ken was able to tell him was that he should he should head to Light Labs and warn me. Dan managed to get all of them to medical attention. He didn’t get to warn me in time before Ryu attacked me and issued this challenge though.”

“Dan didn’t have all the details but he’s been helping me train for this fight. Most of his martial art teachings, I don’t know they seem worthless on an android like me but maybe with this new Lightning Kick and other attacks I gain he can be of some help!”

“Mega Man… Be careful… Ryu…” With his armor turning blue once more, he patted Chun-Li on the shoulder since she was still standing on one knee. “Don’t worry about it Chun-Li, you can rest now. Once I rescue all of your friends and defeat Shadaloo you can return to the life of an award winning journalist!” “Tee hee. Good luck Mega Man!” The blue bomber teleported away to battle his next opponent.

Several hours had past that day and Mega Man had defeated six more Street Fighters. That night in Japan there was a full moon while Mega Man faced off Ryu on the grounds of his very own dojo! He attacked Ryu with Chun-Li’s Lightning Kick which he had mastered at this point! Ryu blocked all of the kicks except for one which struck his right knee and made him kneel on the ground!

Returning from yellow and blue to blue and light blue yet again, Mega Man jumped on Ryu’s back and held both of his arms down. “STOP STRUGGLING, RYU! LET ME ABSORB, PANDORA’S ENERGY AND FREE YOU FROM THIS CURSE!” “NEVER! ONCE I DEFEAT YOU I WILL PROVE TO BE THE STRONGEST FIGHTER IN THE UNIVERSE!” The Street Fighter broke free of the android’s grasp and tossed him across this Boss Stage! He started to gear up for a Shinku Hadoken Ultra Super Art!

“When we made contact just now, I was able to absorb some of your power but not all of it. I hope it is enough!” Mega Man also started charge a ball of white energy in his hands! Since he hadn’t fully absorbed all of Ryu’s energy his armor didn’t turn colors this time.

“Ryu, I’m going to save your soul and destroy Shadaloo once and for all!”


“SHINKU HADOKEN” yelled both Mega Man and Ryu! The deadly projectiles collided covering everything in a white light! Whichever projectile emerged victorious would decide the winner of this fight!


Special thanks go out to Namco Bandai, Studio Udon, Archie Comics, Sven, all Capcom employees past and present and most importantly Zong Hui for creating this wonderful game. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!