Short throw joystick?


Is there such a thing as a short throw joystick? I’d like to swap out my EX2’s joystick with a short throw. Reason for doing this would be to execute moves faster. Would appreciate any insight.



I know the seimitsu LS 40 has a short throw along with the 32.

I’ve never tested them though. I would like to know also if its good to use a short throw like a LS 40 to play fighting games like KoF and GG.


AFAIK the LS-40 is considered the “Neo Geo” or KoF stick so in that regard, yes, it’s good for games like KoF. I believe the LS-40 has the shortest throw out of the stock japanese joysticks. However, the engage distance is also supposed to be very short so it wouldn’t really benefit you to ride the gate (or on any joystick for that matter).

I haven’t had the chance to try one out yet but I do have one on the way from Aki so I’ll be able to compare it to my LS-32.


cool hope you get it soon, and tell me how it feels, :wgrin:
I’ve played on a HAPP and jlf and while there good, I think I would prefer short throws and engages better.

I’m in the middle of making a custom joystick and am debating on getting the LS40
the 1 major thing that concerns me is the ability to do specials like QCF-HCB P:wonder:


Sanwa JLF Ultimate Mod should do the trick.



Awesome, looks like something to try, but I’ve got a Hori EX2 stick w/ original joystick! I know pineconeattack has a step by step for sticking a sanwa in the hori case. Gonna be seriously thinking about the swap now.


I think the LS56 has the shortest throw…even shorter than the LS40

I had the LS-32, LS-56 and the LS-40.


I see will did you have any problems with half circles on the LS40???


Not at all …LS-40 was actually the default stick on the 1st gen Capcom Impress cabinet in japan. It feels very similarity to the LS-32.

The LS-56 with octo gate is the default Stick on the the 2nd gen Capcom impress cabinet, the throw is really short even with the octo gate unlike the sanwa JFL which the octo gate actually make the throw longer.


thanks you helped alot :pray:
I’m gonna go with the LS40 then


That ultimate mod is weird. If people want short throws and tight springs so much, why do they all say that Sanwa is better? That mod really just makes it a lot like a Seimitsu but a little bit more extreme… So is the Sanwa thing more of a thing that people like because it’s what’s most popular?

It just seems strange that Aki calls it the “ultimate” mod instead of something else that doesn’t imply that tighter springs and shorter throws is “the best”.


in my opinion…

fighting games

seimitsu > sanwa

non fighting games

seimitsu >>>>>>>> sanwa


Completely agree.

How are ls-56s supposed to be mounted? same height as jlf or ls-32?

real short throw joystick is europe style stick like SUZO STC, UIC, Mag-stick, T-stick
all seimitsu is still only medium throw stick


Ls-56 mounts exactly like the jlf. It come with a weird mounting plate so you have to buy the xtra 1 that is identical to the jlf plate. It’s a great stick if you want an octo gate & a short throw. I used 1 for like 2 years for 3S, but switched back to a jlf for sf4.


why do you say that? and why are sanwa sticks the default in most jap cabs for fighting games?


why most people in Italy have FIAT?
it is crap cars and they produce this shit in Poland


I don’t get how this analogy works when Japan makes both sanwa and semeitsu in Japan


Yeah me too. I’m confused. From (
Q: Which company is better? Sanwa or Seimitsu?
A: Depending on what you?re looking for in your joysticks and buttons, the answer is different. Although Sanwa is the more popular brand in Japan, Seimitsu is also very popular. It?s almost like asking Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Each camp can boast a large hardcore following but then there are a large amount of people who honestly find both to be great with no strong preference to either. When it comes to comparable parts, Sanwa is more expensive and is often regarded as being more ruggedly built with finer materials.


I prefer Seimitsus myself, and the only real reason Quantum (one of the two big players in the Philippine arcade industry) prefers Sanwa is the fact that it has much better distribution. This means it’s much easier to find. That came from the president itself.