Short Video of how Broken Yun is



So, yeah. Even his win quote is broken


I didn’t get it at first but I did read the comments below, and it made total sense.
But since there is a thread for it the last two weeks I’ve been playing my friends shit Yun, and everytime we play he gets more wins and now I’m pretty afraid of Yun. Last night he got a five game win streak on me and I swore never to use Vega on his Yun again (lasted a good hour or so). But yea, this match up is 7-3 with his bullshit. :-/


That was my ringtone forever. The 3S, “Snap Da Condom ON!”


It sounded so much cooler in 3S. He says it much more commandingly.


Shout outs to “Snap Da Condom On”