Shortcut: Perform "4 Button" Crouch Tech/Focus OS with 2 Buttons


Hey SRK,

I’m sure a lot of us have been trying to integrate this option select into our game ever since that Xian video. If you’re like me, though, you’re finding it awkward to perform, either hitting LK and MK with the bottom of your index and middle finger, or cramming four fingers onto each of the buttons.

Found a neat little workaround for that today: the 3P and 3K buttons. Just pressing those two buttons accomplishes the same thing as hitting LP/MP/LK/MK individually - you will tech if grabbed or focus if not grabbed - and it leaves much less room for missed or mistimed inputs.

Nothing game changing, but it can definitely help to minimize the chance of something going wrong in a tight situation.


Wouldn’t you actually just get taunt with this…


disable taunt, i think


I don’t think you can disable taunt, at least I have no idea how to do it.

I do it while holding back, you get either a throw tech or focus attack which you can dash out of.

You will not get a taunt if you hold back or forward while pressing x3 punch and kicks simultaneously, you only get taunt if you press x3 punch and kicks without holding a direction.


select taunt <none>


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that


Pesetio is correct, taunt won’t come out if you’re holding down back. You don’t need to disable it.




Don’t try this in ultra, the option select is removed because of red focus. It will activate every time and you will have wasted 2 meters.


OMG you guys are right. 4 button OS will be gone with Red Focus