Shortcut with zig zag move on a fightstick


I just bought my first fightstick (Mad Catz Fightstick Pro) in an effort to improve my playing. However, I am finding myself still having difficulty producing the zig zag motion without a different move occuring. For example, when playing with Ryu, a super might occur when I try to Shoryuken. Do you guys have any advice that would make that move easier to produce?


Try holding forward then do a fireball motion. That’s how I learned and it works pretty well just keep practicing you will get it.


I will try that and thanks man. I’ve been working on it in training mode but it’s been fairly hit and miss. Hopefully after I try thus it will be a little more consistent. Just for clarification, when you said fireball did you mean a quarter turn forward?


Yep, your basic “Hadouken” motion. Just try what I said it should work out. Good luck!


Thanks man


Many friends of mine do it that way but they find themselves throwing hadoukens instead of shoryukens so the best possible way to learn it is to actually do the right motion.

It’s pretty easy if you have a square gate:

  1. Forward until it hits the edge
  2. Down
  3. Keep holding down and move the stick forward until it hits the corner


Yes I do have a square gate but I still struggle with consistently getting out a Shoryuken but I’m sure that with practice it will come. One think that I have been doing is slowing the motion down to gain muscle memory and then slowly speed it up until it becomes more natural. Thank you for the advice too!


Have you seen EWGF or wavedash vids? It’s basically a SRK with a neutral but some people explain easy and consistent ways to do em. That’s how I srk on P2 side.


No I haven’t seen those vids what is one that I should look up? Honestly I’m not even sure what that is


It’s a Tekken thing with the Mishimas. The motion is pretty much the same but from forward you have to hit the neutral. F>N>D>D/F. The technique to do them is what i suggest you try out. It’s really helpful on the P2 side.


I did see a video where the guy held down and flicked forward twice and produced the move. I haven’t tried it yet but that seems easier


Isn’t that just in the SF4 games and SFxT?


to be honest I’m not really sure but I think that you are right


The best explanation I’ve ever heard is from the BlazBlue tutorial mode: it’s like walking forward and then quickly pressing down, down-forward.
UMVC3 is pretty damn lenient on what you press, which is probably also why it’s easy for the game to mistake it for the hadouken motion. Really though, just press forward, move the stick in a diagonal motion down to down, and the push it forward to the corner of the gate. When I do it properly, it should feel like a little swooping motion. Go into training mode, and turn on the input display. If it says you pressed: fwrd, (dwn-fwrd,) dwn, dwn-fwrd, (fwrd),+whatever attack button, with the commands in parentheses being optional, then you should be good. If it says you pressed anything else, then don’t do that anymore. The whole input display thing might seem like a pain, but you don’t have to watch it the whole time. Just take a peek at what the game thinks you are pressing when you do the SRK motion and then adjust accordingly.

The command for shoryuken in SF can be down-forward, down-forward+punch. So, cr.lp xx L Shoryuken can be made a ton easier by pressing down-forward+ punch (because there is no unique move for down-forward+punch the game will read it an down+punch) and then quickly moving to neutral and back to down-forward+punch (like super quick, it’s not difficult but it’s literally like two flicks.) As far as I know, this does not work in marvel. I have never had trouble doing the dragon punch motion in marvel so I’ve never thought to try.


I think that I really need to stop being lazy and just work on my execution more. I do work on it for a little bit in training mode but sometimes I lose focus


Yeah, execution is a huge pain in the ass to work on. I drug my feet real hard on turning that input display on for a while, but it’s helped out quite a bit. Just an anecdote: Back when I was 10 I had like a 10% chance of doing the freeze blast with sub-zero on SNES, which is just the hadouken motion. Now, if I screw up a hadouken motion I assume my controller is broken. Same with the SRK motion. It all takes time.


this is really only my 2nd week of really working on the game and going in I didn’t expect to pull every move on the first try. I just keep plugging along and practicing


Nice. I still have trouble with umvc3. It’s so flippin fast. I thought guilty gear and blazblue were fast but the designers of this game were like “how can we give fighting games LSD and crack?”


yeah it is pretty fast which I do enjoy as a contrast to AE but for now I’m going to focus on AE and eventually get back to UMVC3


Well… if you’re talking about shoryuken motions in AE, remember that there’s shortcuts to srk’s in there. I don’t recommend it but you can just do diagnal forward twice and punch for a shoryuken. I don’t recommend that just because you want to get used to doing srk motions so that you’ll be able to do them in other games as well. Like said earlier, the easy DP’s are by hitting forward, slide to the down position and back to the forward position. If it makes it easier, just make sure you can feel yourself grinding against the gate to ensure you get your commands out.