Shortening Happ / iL Stick Shafts and Pivot Cylinders

Hey guys, I’ve been searching on this for a while now but I can’t seem to find an
answer to my problem. I love the feel of iL Eurosticks, but I have been installing the sticks into a plastic case which is 4mm thick. This doesn’t push down the shaft enough to give it the intended height and makes it feel off.

So what I’ve been doing is using spacers below the control panel to push down the stick. Ideally, I would like to shorten the shafts so that I don’t have to use spacers at all… but I can’t figure out how the extra notches work on the Happ shafts. I tried to remove the pivot cylinder from the top, but it doesn’t rotate properly without a pivot cylinder.

For those of you who have done this mod, how do you deal with the pivot cylinder? Do you use a smaller nylon spacer of some kind?

Also, what tool do you use to trim the shaft, and how do you measure it?

No one has done this huh? I guess I will try to find a small 1/8" nylon spacer to try and use as a pivot cylinder and see what happens.

just get a piece of wood or something and put it between the case and the stick so you have about 3/4 of an inch of space between when the stick comes out of the control panel and where the stick is mounted itself. A 1/2 inch thick piece of wood would work great (probably the best size too). Just drill the bolt holes for the stick, put the bolts in, put your wooden spacer on and then put the stick in.

Or you could just put some nuts on the bolts to get an extra half inch or so. probably easier than the wooden spacer too.

I made a thread about something similar a while back. It was for a Happ balltop mod, but the principle is the same.

With that method you’d need to make a considerably taller case, it doesnt reduce the length of the shaft, its just moving it down.