Shortening the Pushbutton


Would you guys have any idea how to shorten the push buttons from Sanwa/Seimitsu?

Not where the whole button is shortened, but just the trigger so that it sits below the surface it usually pops out of… if that makes sense :wonder:

I’ve seen it before somewhere and itz a nice solution for ppl who want to get it out of the way or if they’re scared they’ll press it


It’s possible with Sanwa buttons, I haven’t tried with Seimitsu. You need to pull the plunger out and trim 1-2mm off of both the outer edge and the center piece. You’ll also need to shave the bottom of the tabs that hold the plunger in, but don’t trim them so much that they don’t still do their job.

This is a great mod for a start / select / guide button if you have it on the face of your joystick, to prevent accidental presses.