(shorter) JLF compatible shafts

After exchanging a few PMs with shrimpnoodles regarding some things he had for sale, I found out that shaft from the asci optical is identical to sanwa jlf shaft except that it’s shorter. My question is are there any other shorter shafts that are compatible with jlf? If so, where can I get a pair or from which joystick can I salvage them from?

Reason why I’m looking is because I’m going to be mounting a jlf directly under a metal panel (courtesy of blklightning21) with no room below the stick to allow for spacers and mounting plate. I’m not a “must have authentic arcade feel or else I won’t touch it” kinda person so the shaft length is purely a personal aesthetic reason/preference.

Seimitsu LS-32 (and LS-32-1, which has the 5 pin wire connector) has a shorter shaft than the JLF.
I believe the ls-32 shaft is compatible with Sanwa’s JLF. But do not quote me on it

Any Shaft from a Hori Joystick.


i cut them down for flush mount applications.

Thought about it, but then I wouldn’t have any way of adding threading to secure the balltop.

I was actually trying to find something online for a shorter jlf shaft or shorter shaft for the ls-32. Anyone have any info??

just mount the stick lower. Other than that your best bet is to find a Hori shaft.

Never mind about the LS-32 shaft, I was wrong about that.

A simpler solution would of been to mount the stick lower like CUTWEST said.

Maybe an longer spacer would help?

CUTWEST is right tho… hori shaft looks to be the best option right now.

I was on a hunt for a slim case a long while back as well. I’m pretty sure that the hori shaft is different from the sanwa. the lower portion is shorter than the sanwas. And that’s where it’s important. Because the lower portion is where you put in the spring and the actuator that would normally fit the sanwa. If you use a hori stick, you would have to use the hori’s spring and actuator and it sucks. If you sit them next to each other, you’ll see the things on hori is cheaper quality. The ascii’s shaft is the same with the top being shorter. that means that you’re able to use the full sanwa mechanism and still have the stick proportional when mounting. Try to get an ascii shaft. You can find the comparison floating around srk somewhere. Look in sanwa flash/ascii thread for sanwa/ascii comparison. and look at chippermonkey’s hori ex2 modding tutorial for hori/sanwa comparison. That’s one of the main thing that I made sure of when I mod, that I everything is fully sanwa. Otherwise, there’s no point. I’d rather have it working the correct way than having it look nice.

Finally, someone who knows what they are typing.
I’ve been telling everyone this, but no one listen to me.

No one listen to me, so I may as well tell people to use Hori Shaft.
Something I myself will not do, but acceptable for others.
All they want is a shorter on top.

Here are pictures to go with what shrimpnoodles say.

As can see, the lower half of Hori Shaft is shorter than lower half of Sanwa.
This makes for more squeezing to put on Spring and Actuator.

What many people want is the top half to be shorter.
The Hori Shaft is shorter on top, yes.
But is shorter on bottom also.

The Shaft we are after is the ASCII Dreamcast.
It is same length on bottom as Sanwa, but shorter on top.

We do not want ASCII PlayStation 2.
The Shaft of that is actually same as Sanwa.

that is what i need but hopefully paradise arcade can come through for me on some shafts.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it shouldn’t be hard. I see an ascii pcb for sale every now and then. The shaft has to go somewhere. hopefully not in the trash.

If I can get measurements on the shaft I can get them machined.

…I’m listening

Will you make Shafts for blklightning21?

put me on the list of buyers please. i’ll take 4 at least! how much would each cost?

eyeballing it, looks like the acsii shaft is 7~8mm shorter than JLF. Bapex, u can just use a standard JLF shaft and make it approx 8-10mm shorter.

to the OP, i have an ASCII shaft that i’m not using. PM if youre interested.

PM sent

What he said!!! :smile: