Shorter Sanwa shaft


Something’s been bugging me for the past few days. A friend of mine came over with a SFIV TE stick and I realized that the shaft on his stick is shorter than mine or at least it might be mounted lower making the shaft seem shorter. I build customs and usually top mount my sticks for security reasons, so bottom mounting is out of the option. Long story short, I want the shaft on my Sanwa JLF Joystick to be a little shorter, because it feels more comfortable. Is there any way to achieve this?


Are you positive it was another JLF? I believe the Seimitsu LS-56 has a shorter shaft.

BTW, Seimitsu LS-56 = amazing joystick. Try to see if that can help.


Pretty positive that it was another JLF seeing as how he just bought the thing and has no modding experience. Also other friends came over with SFIV TE’s that were exactly the same as his.

Well, i would buy a Seimitsu LS-56 to try it out, but that would mean replace the whole joystick of my custom, which would be a rather unpleasant experience. In addition, I would need to make new mounting holes for it, I think. Is it possible to use the shaft of the Seimitsu LS-56 (31.5mm) or the LS-33 (25.5mm shaft) for the JLF since it’s shorter? Got my info on the shaft length from here Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts.


It’s more time consuming certainly, but I think the best way to go about doing this would be to cave in the mounting area some more. Make it so that the JLF sits deeper into the case than it already is. That way you can “shorten” the shaft height while not messing up aesthetics. Though it could be a problem I suppose if you have a really thin top panel. :wonder:


Shaft isn’t shorter, you just have the JLF mounted at the wrong height.

You can recess the JLF into the case with a top mount by using spacers between the JLF and case.