Shoryu after EX tatsu consitently?

I remember seeing this dude doing feirce dragons after a corner EX tatsu combo way back when 3s was still young. Recently I’ve been trying to get this to come together consistently but some days I can’t get it to work at all and other days I get it everyonce and awhile.
Should I kara my dragon punch or just keep working on the timing. I want to get this combo down because it does pretty nice damage and only costs a little bit o meter. Also, what chars would it work(best) on?

The combo only seems to work if your opponent is in the corner and you do a very close into EX tatsu then any strength of dragon.

Close st mk. to ex tatsu then mp srk or hp srk or close crouching fierce to ex tatsu then mp srk or hp srk and ofcourse after ex tatsu ex srk. but that`s easy.:rofl:

I know it works on all shotos other then that i dont know.

Holy jesus. That took long enough for someone to post in this thread.
Maybe this was an obvious question but I never see anyone do it in vids so I figured there was some trick to it that made it tougher than it seemed.

Thanks for the info RRV.

Character specific corner srk juggles after EX tatsu

EX tatsu

standing -
crouching -

close standing forward cancelled into EX tatsu

st. - shotos, Alex (), Hugo (), Q (), Makoto (random aka if EX tatsu hits 6 times)
cr. - Dudley, Hugo (
), Q (), Necro, Alex ()

cr. forward x EX tatsu

st. - Q, Alex
cr. - Q

cl. st. strong x EX tatsu

st. - Q (), Alex
cr. - Q(

cr. strong x EX tatsu

st. - Q, Makoto
cr. - Dudley, Q(*), Necro

cl. st. fierce x EX tatsu

st. - Q
cr. -

cr. fierce

st. - Shotos, Q, Makoto, 12
cr. - Dudley, Q(*), Necro

toward jump fierce

st. -
cr. -

toward jump roundhouse

st. -
cr. -

nuetral jump roundhouse

st. -
cr. -

EX joudan, EX tatsu

Air EX tatsu

Other juggle moves after EX tatsu

cr. roundhouse -

cr. fierce -

cr. strong -

EX tatsu -

    • EX srk only
    • Kara srk only
    • no jab srk unless kara

more to come later

Sweet. Thats the kind of info I was looking for.


How come flare always comes through with the character specific info?

cuz he is flare

I usually do the tatsu a little off the ground and that seems to help me