Everytime i attempt to do a short-short super or pretty much any kind of link/cancel, most of the time i end up doing a shoryu instead of the super by accident. Any good ways to prevent this?

You’re probably hitting forward (–>) before rotating. Make sure you start rotating at down.

Actually, the problem with the shoryu coming out doesn’t really matter about where you start - it’s where you end. The super takes input priority if you’re ending on forward (–>). If you’re ending on down-forward ( \ ), you’re doing it wrong and are getting an uppercut.

yup, happens to everyone sometimes, gotta be accurate with your motions.

arg yeah this happens every once in a while

luckily for me i always get just the jab dp because of how i drum

but yeah you gotta end with the forwards for the super to out prioritize the dp.

thx for the info. i also thought it was because i was starting at forward instead of down but now i know.

knowledge is power.