Shoryuken antiair and too much focus


I’m a Ryu / Necalli player but I can’t react in time to jumpin with shoryuken.

The only way I found to react is to focus all my attenction to air game , like if I repeat all the time to myself " now he’s gonna jump, now he’s gonna jump " , but with this solution I loose most of my attenction to the ground game.

If I try to have focus in ground and air game I react late to both of them.

Any help?


This is very common it is difficult 2 focus on every aspect of the game u just gotta keep at it till ur natural reaction when they jump is 2 dp at that point u won’t get distracted from the ground game. There will b times when u just don’t react in time but for the most part u should b fine


As Sanada-kun said this is a very common thing when starting out but I think you are doing it the right way.
By putting your focus on the air-game on purpose you will learn to do it instinctively, it will become second nature.

You can also try to improve your reaction time on jumpins by anti-airing with a less demanding move. Use normals instead of shoryu to give yourself more time to react and when you feel comfortable enough that you can anti-air without “thinking” about it you can start to throw some specials


you can use the ground game to dictate the air game
especially since you are ryu you should be using you projectiles to control the space
the better way to monitor the situations of when hes going to jump is to not let him get to the spots were its optimal to jump without creating some resistance

you want to create hesitancy on their part as well. The match may slow down a little but thats not slowing down you as a player
you just want to make sure that they have to pay attention to details as well

your explanation shows that you are aware of how this works and like the others have said your processing speed will improve naturally the more that you play.

you just want to make sure that your opponent has to stop and think as well otherwise you might overthink all the angles and get beat by the path of least resistance, which happens to alot of people in tournaments especially low to mid level players