Shoryuken Arcade Challenge (v 1.0)

So I have been playing more arcade games recently and realized that there hasn’t been nearly enough high score fever for more than 15 years now. So many people get obsessed with beating games as fast as they can or simply beating games on the hardest difficulty. What about those games that started hard and finished harder? Did you ever top 100k in Donkey Kong or post an awesome Joust score?

The premise: We should all vote on a classic style arcade game to compete for a high score in. We’ll have a month to compete for the high score and the winner will win praise and adoration from his SRK brethren, I might even be willing to post up a reward if enough people express interest.

If you want to participate please post your interest and the classic arcade game you’d like people to compete over. Once I get a significant amount of applicants I’ll tally the votes and declare the game. We will use this thread to post strats on the current arcade game and talk about parts we’re having difficulty with.

Most of the old school arcade games have freeware versions of them, also. We’ll also need to make sure that everyone is playing on the same version so we’ll iron that out when we get to it. As a reminder don’t make posts about ROMs or emulators but if you’re even remotely fluent with the internet you shouldn’t have a problem getting a good version.

Anyone interested? Please limit your votes to games that have historically had high score competition and are at least some what well known.

I am down. I don’t have a game recommendation though.

I’m so down for this shit.


Being a big shmup fan, I gotta give my suggestion for DoDonPachi. Though I can see some people getting frustrated at it.

Obviously Pacman…

I like Snake and Tetris.

Get Matt Hall (Lord BBH) in here, so he can destroy the competition.

I am interested in this, I just need to make time for it.

I really miss the SRK Arcade and those trophies I had from years ago. I know I’m not the only one.

This is too new school I’m sorry. I love the series but I’m referring more to Galaga/Pac-Man/Donkey Kong era.

I’m in. Let’s make this happen.

I suck in all these games, but could you guys try recording your attempts? It’d be awesome to watch IMO.

Looks like people want Galaga so far. :lovin:

I gotta hit up my dad and get his strats from back in the day when he wrecked high score charts everywhere we went. :lol:

I think I have Galaga somewhere. And you remind me of my dad telling me stories of how good he was at Asteroids. I had the high score on here until someone hacked the game to make there score pass mine in 40 seconds.

I"m going to hold off for a few more people/votes. I’m totally down for Galaga though.

I might be in, sounds like fun :tup:
Don’t have any suggestions for games though.

donkey kong or galaga are good choices

too easy to cheat with computer emulation

maybe pick games off console compilation games that most people own (capcom classic, taito legends, midway arcade treasures, etc)

also can you get any more vanilla than galaga? at least pick galaga '88 or something. I mean whats next, ms. pac-man? you the same people who see the 10 new characters in ssf4 and then pick ryu, arent you?

my vote is robotron, pitfall, zookeeper, or donkey kong jr

I don’t know how much incentive there is to cheat but this is a good point.

People lie about who their Girlfriends(Sonthemall) i can see people cheating to get their e-penis stroke at being the top scorer. So like the rule in post your girlfriend, you must provide pics of yourself & your gf togethe. So if you get the high score you must post your pic of you & your GF!

Forgot all about SRK Arcade and all those people who blatantly hacked or cheated in order to get an E-Trophy, huh?

I remember when we had Sport Betting and Texas Hold 'Em for E-points on there, too.

regarding cheating…jus use the same rules twin galaxies use, which is you have to provide a full recording.

anyways, i think monthly rotations are way too slow. i’ll probably forget about this thread in a month.

as for games, any beat-em-up or shmup i’d be down to play.