Shoryuken Blog feature gone completely


Has the shoryuken blog been removed completely? (gosh, I wish I could edit the title and stick that question mark in there)

I was wondering if the blogs shoryuken had a few years back (or was it just last year?) are destroyed completely? Someone recently PMed me and linked me to a really early version of a guide I made for a game that I posted in the forums. Now I made a more complete version of the guide that’s much cleaner. So I decided to try and find it. I know at a certain point the blog feature was disabled, but the UI here still had a link to it and you could still view posts, (but not make them)… did the blogs disappear completely? or Am I just having trouble finding them (I tend to not notice really obvious buttons sometimes).

(example of this: I just noticed the site news/bugs feedback section NOW even though I was actively looking for it before please move the thread)

If they’re completely destroyed, does anybody remember the format of the URLS? maybe I can my old guide or something…


I guess you could say…


it was “Unessential” to have it…