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Sometimes I really wanna read on my Droid, but the site isn’t very easy to read on mobile devices. The pages load slow on 3g and don’t always render properly in my browser. It makes viewing the site on mobile devices very frustrating and difficult. It would be great if I could easily read the forums while waiting for online matches or have the site next to me while trying out new things in training mode.

Anyways, I do not have the technical prowess to pull of an app or mobile version of the site, but hopefully someone in the community does! If someone developed a nice app for android I would TOTALLY play $5 for it.

Lets rally some support for an app/mobile version of the boards and maybe somebody from the community or Shoryuken themselves will want to develop a resolution!


I 100% agree. The mobile version of this site used to work before the redesign.


I got a droid and have it rooted running simply stunning 1.03 and I don’t have any issues with the site being displayed differently. I kind of miss running BB since it had MT in the browser.


Even when the formatting is correct, the site isnt enhanced for mobile devices and makes it a real hassle to read posts. Images load slow, the site isnt formatted for the smaller screen resolution, links and buttons are hard to press among other things. Just sayin’, it would be really nice for a mobile version of the site. Most major sites have them and they are not terribly hard to develop.


I’m all for this myself. As a budding Street Fighter, sometimes I’ll come across a combo in a thread discussion that I want to try out, but can’t always remember all of the inputs and sure as hell can’t be bothered to lug my lappy back to the bedroom. It really would be nice to be able to check the daily goings-on on my Pre without having to scroll over 17 times just to read one sentence.


Just found the mobile skin for the site and it is obviously not the best solution for mobile phones. It is basically broken. I cant switch back to the standard theme, thread links dont work most of the time and it is ugly as sin.


I have a rooted droid as well. I use the dolphin browser with no problems at all. Its free from the marketplace best of all it has great multitouch pinch zoom that works amazing.


There’s this plug-in and app called that the mods could run and give us awesome access to the forum. At least on blackberry. It’s free as well.


I use a G1 and access SRK using the mobile template. No issues here and it loads super fast. No ads too.


Yeah I use the dolphin browser. I still think this board deserves a more elegant presentation for mobile devices though. One that doesnt require zooming, tiny links/buttons and long load times due to images and layout that arent optimized for phones. can definitely level up in this respect.