Podcast Episode 1 - Featuring Inkblot


Hosts Keits and skisonic talk to owner and founder Tom “Inkblot” Cannon about the new SRK and what the future holds for our community.


I downloaded it the moment I saw it. I haven’t synced it to you zune hd yet but I will once I get back home and will edit this post to reflect how I feel about it. I only listen to two audio podcasts right now, OXM: Official XBox360 Magazine podcast and Daizenshuu EX: A Dragon Ball podcast. I’ll be very happy if I can add this one to the collection of two. But please, add it to the Zune Marketplace so I can have it auto download it for me.

Thanks! and I look forward to listening to it!

EDIT1: The podcast isn’t setup as a podcast. It’s lists as a music album. You’ll need to fix this if you want people with Zunes and IPods to be able to find it on their devices.


My, what an attractive young subforum you are!!


When is ep 2 :smiley:


^ Now is when!

I’m sure someone important will make a new thread for it later.


Nice, got an RSS feed yet?


So im trying to track down these old episodes, do they still exist? I found a page that said it was an archive but i got a 404. The oldes one I can seem to find is episode 60 on the website. any help?