Shoryuken input


When doing a shoryuken input, do you do the normal way (toward, down, down-toward)?
i use toward, down toward, toward.
it works for me, but are there advantages in using the normal way?


Doing it the normal way will help you out in other fighters. That shortcut will just help you in SFIV…


If you fully understand WHY this shortcut is helpful (not just because it’s easier to do I’m talking about having things such as deep DPs getting put in frame-perfect) then it’s not bad to use.

But if you’re using it just because it’s faster/easier - then SF4 is definitely the game for you! (This shortcut doesn’t exist elsewhere and it’s hard to adjust if your heart is truly scrub).


I almost always do it :dp::p: but will sometimes do :f::qcf::p: in the heat of battle.


I’ve just made the transition to stick, and my oh my, after playing pad for the best part of 20 years it’s such a difference. I’ve found that my inputs for SF are so lax in many ways that to have a pin-pointed stick to work with has flustered my game. I have managed to deal with links etc but FACD into ultra 1 with Ryu for example, is so so hit and miss. I find myself dragon punching the air 8/10 times. On pad I can nail that combo 100%, whereas with, cr.hp xx hp.dp is nigh on impossible for me on pad yet easy on stick. I’m only two days in but if there’s an easy way to not perform a DP every time I dash cancel for the ultra, then send that info over.


Practice some more, don’t press buttons too early or finish your QCFQCF motion, just make sure the inputs are correct.


I was afraid it was going to come to that. I shall endeavour to practise until it’s perfect. I feel playing on stick will, in the long term, only improve my game. It’s just a shock that it’s so different.




:dp::p: is my usual method but there are advantages to using the shortcuts in a lot of situations.

:df::d::df::p: allows you to shoryuken without standing, for example.

:f::df::f::p: can be easier to perform in combos etc.