dab00g = Filipino WoW Gold Scammer

Neesa = Bi-Racial girl Sean Fury wrote 37 songs about on youtube


This isn’t even a contest

Neesa throws a ham sandwich on to a subway rail and as he relapses, daboog gets smooshed like the daylight lantern squigga that he is.

Nessa wins with the finger poke of doom. Flawless victory.

watch out for Btier bison, who I’d imagine to be a hidden endurance match contender.

Hey it’s like throwing a hotdog down a sarlac pit

Neesa got tiddies so…

Seeing as the only thing good coming off srk closure is never having to read a paragraph broken into spaces by abundant use of the enter key…

I’ll just have to vote Neesa.

Cause this shit is mad annoying.

For real.

son of a bitch

son of a scammer

no hospital bed pic

your donation topic = you going in the slammer

Of course that nigga Bull would vote for dab00g :rofl:

Wait there are people who like Daboog?

@affinity there’s hope for you yet.

daboog is the more hilarious choice


Neesa obviously

boog fightah fo’

i vote daboog - i remember a few years ago neesa was making fun of asian guys for having small penises and posted some story about how she humiliated some asian guy she dated. carpent lint called her out for being a fatty talking shit, and i side with carpet lint. black people - cry about racism - but then make fun of asians. esp black guys, say asian girls flat chested flat assed, yet secretly jerk off to azn women (i still remember when hyori lee when the invincible swordsman women tournament). im not gonna side with a racist who thinks its ok to shit on asians, i’m gonna side with carpet lint all day

Neesa wins everytime

TITS > Love for Ryback


The funniest part about all that was she was speaking of her loose vag as some sort of good thing

Then we had a bunch of guys come in and clown her about being too loose. Then we got the whole “white is right” shit from her. Then her stories about white guys continuously hitting on her despite her feeling like she didn’t deserve it.

Nah fat bitch.

I was fine just calling her fat. Then to disprove her being fat she post a bunch of myspace angle pictures like it’s 2004 and she is trying to get a date.

Nah, she represents all those self hating minority chicks who clearly date/act white in order to feel like she is somehow mor accepted. Throw in the weeaboo bullshit. The cruddy make up work. And the myspace angles.


I mean we all have standards and when somebody posts myspace angles to prove they aren’t fat. That is when i just throw my hands up.

Look you can be fat. You can be cute and chubby. But when you talk shit about asian dudes/black dudes. Then post shit about how much you hated white girls/asian girls because all the boys like them. Then post all that bs about not being one of those “white worshiping” bitches.

Nah fuck off. Wallow in your self pity of all those asian snacks and your weeaboo boyfriend

Damn. . . can i change my vote?