There was a reason for all that. She had some guys white knighting, but eventually they turned on her for the myspace angles and the racism

too many line break

didn’t read

Damn, she humiliated dude? Can some direct me to the story?

dab00g gets beat up at his own gym doe. He is no champion of any race. B-Tier won by default and became a peaceful Buddhasacbison main man.

Dab00g that guy that gets wrecked by Chong Li in the qualifier rounds. Swagged on without even trying. should’ve never shown up to the big leagues


i’m glad i’m not the only one who remembers this. i think the only reason i saw it is cause ppl know i get triggered when people shit on asian dudes and i think one of my homies like whiteshadow or zoolander used the @ symbol on me

minorities of any race who only date white dudes are a fucking joke to me. YOU ARE A WHITE SUPREMACIST AND A SELF RACE HATER. sad. i am perfectly ok when i see asian chicks fuck black dudes or mexicans, like my friend femto, cause it means these girls are not white supremacists and open minded and doing it out of love

edit: but im not surprised everyone voting neesa its like when theres a girl posting on forum dudes get thirsty. like that tranny who got donations to go to japan. i called them out on it, they flamed me, i was like whatevs, then when it turned out dude was a tranny i lullzed

I could honestly care less if our lord and savior Neesa laughed at some chinese dudes rice dick and caused a scene.

I’ve actually talked with her, played games with her, she’s a blast. Unlike 99% of the fake losers on this dead forum.

well its good to see you too. welcome back you fake loser!

I didn’t realize that I offended the NAAAP on SRK for talking about a shitlord ex of mine from over 7 10 (correction) years ago. Do you want reparations while we’re at it? You can get it after January 31th when the site shuts down and you can get the fuck over yourselves, with your hypocritical bullshit.

Fucking spare me and keep writing paragraphs about how hurt you are over a story that had no direct effect to you whatsoever, you carebear ass excuses of human beings. While you’re at it, start a fuckin’ campfire and sing Wonderwall.

Nah, i just find funny giving a vote for him due the current state of SRK :rofl:

This man knows

Neesa dropped cleavage pics on SRK, Booger just complained about doing his minstrel show for the white man. NEESA WINS!

Hey, you brought to us the attention that Mark Wahlberg beat up some Vietnamese guy and got no crime time in Toronto

I voted for Neesa because she drew me a funny picture for my birthday, in color no less…

Anyone who is willing to take the time out to do something like that for someone (completely unsolicited mind you) can’t be all bad.

@fishjie *…let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

You know what burns more than a roasting?

H-E-double hockey sticks!


zzzzz the only carebears i see are all your white knights. me i’m gonna white knight for matriarch all day every day. NAACP dont care about asian people, thats why its always been ok to shit on azns, but as soon as anything is said against black ppl, the carebears cry racism and white privilege. please. i dont want reparations, but getting rid of affirmative action would be nice

matriarch neesa battle poll next plz

I take offense at being accused white knighting Nessa.

Not a lot of people in SRK i’m picking dab00g over. :coffee:

I voted Neesa because Daboog is losing the poll

I agree with fishjie in so far as the next poll needs to be Neesa vs Matriarch.

But this Poll was like Vanilla SF4 Sagat vs Gief.

Not even YOLOs gonna make Neesa take that L.

Glad that is the only thing that was a “mark” against me, and even then, it’s very reaching. But, that’s okay. Just means that you don’t have much else to say, but it’s okay for me to be harassed by this limp dicked bitch about being fat for a prolonged period of time. That’s fine right? And it wasn’t just once, but multiple times to the point I kept going to mods and even WIZ about dab00g harassing me whenever he needed to get his self-esteem up from his obvious insecurities.

*But I’m the racist because of a bad sexual experience with an ex. *


I said NAAAP = The Nation Advancement for Asian People. Secondly, I don’t see why you are all butthurt over it when yet again, I said nothing to you directly. LOL, me racist against Asians? Please, stop. I was only retelling an experience with an ex of mine who just so happened to be Asian at the time. Calm the fuck down and sit yo ass down with this victim card bullshit.

I never asked anyone to white knight for me, nor do I need them too. I was on this site long enough that I had to handle my own before anyone wanted to speak up for me.


Lemme clarify some shit:

You’re lying ass needs to stop spreading misinformation. Now, I wasn’t going around making fun of Asians guys. I made fun of ONE and that was my ex. I didn’t humiliate him because he was Asian, it was because he was just bad. He sure as fuck kept going after the fact. And his ass deserved it especially after the bullshit he put me through later on. So kindly shut the fuck up unless you actually know what the fuck you’re talking about. If I’m not mistaken, being a Black female on here was probably one of the hardest things to have to read over and deal with in the past. Seeing how people had suffered with major cases of yellow fever and trashing Black women. But oh-ho-ho… You’re hurting? Wanna stop projecting your insecurities or are you that triggered?

Boo-fuckity-hoo. Stop playing the victim like I go on and on about Asian people like dafagg0t’s triggered ass over fat people. Still suffering the trauma of being “big” before? Go talk to a therapist and get the fuck over it, fuckin’ snowflake.