Shoryuken Mafia V: Wild West Signups thread


Wild West. Cowboys, Indians, Deputies, hangings, the whole lot.

Overall game idea (if you’re new to Mafia games):
20 people get thrown into a situation where you don’t know who to trust. Each day the town gets together and decides to kill somebody, to try and find the mafia. This is done in a public town square hanging. At night, everyone goes back to their houses to sleep, and the Mafia get their turn to kill people. If the Mafia outnumber the Town, they win the game. If the town kills all the mafia, they win. You win or lose as a team, not individually, so do your best to help your team out!

20 Person sign up
15 Town
5 Mafia
Special Roles:


Deputy - Each night can investigate one person to determine if they’re mafia or not. PM choice during the night phase.

Doctor - Can protect a person from a night kill, however they cannot protect themself. PM choice during the night phase.

Sharpshooter - Can protect a person from a day hanging, however they cannot protect themself. PM choice during the day phase.

Indian Tracker - Can track somebody at night, and learn who they targetted

Jailer - Can put somebody into Jail at night. That person cannot use night abilities. If they are targeted at night, the person who targeted them is revealed to the jailer. Cannot jail themself. Choice is made during the day phase.

Explosives Expert - When the person is killed, the person who targetted them is killed as well. If it is the result of a vote, then you get to choose amongst those who voted against you.

Vigilante - At night, the Vigilante can target and kill anybody. PM their choice during the night phase.


Cowboy Ringleader - Responsible for choosing nightly kill targets along with who performs the kill. PM choice at night. If investegated, will turn up innocent.

Enforcer - Targets somebody during the day phase (PM choice with your vote). That person cannot use their role at night.

Forger - Targets somebody during the night phase. That persons will turn up investigated as innocent if they are mafia, and guilty if they are Town.


The game will cycle between day and night phases. In order to keep things consistent, we will be running a 48 hour cycle split into 2 phases, which will always start/stop at the same time.

Day phase will last 36 hours (9PM to 9AM pst). During this phase, players must decide who they want to lynch. All votes are done privately through PM. People with day abilities must PM their choices by the end of the day phase.

Night phase will last 12 hours (9am pst to 9pm pst). During this phase, Mafia must decide who they want to kill. People with night actions must PM their choices before the deadline.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

No Lynch is always a valid voting choice at all phases of the game. Your choice must be PMd to me by the end of the day phase. Votes cannot be changed once PMd. Include your day ability choices in the PM (though you can vote and wait on your ability if you feel the need to)

Votes will be publicly revealed in the thread at the end of the day phase.

Last Gasp
When a townsfolk is killed, they are able to make a last gasp. PM me with your message and I will post it into the thread; do not post into the thread yourself. If you feel the need to make a post in game after your death, keep it non game related (“nice game guys”) and keep it to one post only. Posting anything game related after death will result in a ban from all future SRK Mafia Games

Inactivity will not be tolerated and will result in banning from all future Mafia games.

People Banned from Playing (If I’m missing any let me know):

Sign ups begin now. If you’re a beginner or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s a lot of fun.


  1. Kaz
  2. Starkilled
  3. Cyntalan
  4. SWBeta
  5. Bulldancer
  6. Black Jesus
  7. The Electrifying One
  8. Code=Blue
  9. CLU 2
  10. SoVi3t
  11. Papa Rhino
  12. Doofenshmirtz
  13. Orochizoolander
  14. Cosmic Castaway
  15. Manx
  16. Zephyr
  17. Serin
  18. Bious
  19. Oerba
  20. LimeGreenPotato

Here’s a link to our last game, so you can see how it plays out:


I’m in. Let’s do it.


Can I play now? lol, I promise I won’t be inactive and I’ll give one hell of a game!


This seems complicated. I’ll give it a shot if it takes too long for you guys to get 20 members. Otherwise I feel like watching one play out to get an idea.


Oh hey these things are still happening.
Also you got my username wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a linked post up top that gives you an idea of a game. You can read from the beginning and see how it all plays out. If you’re interested at all I wouldn’t be afraid and I’d just jump in to play, we all started somewhere


We need more people if we’re gonna get the game going. Or has SRK grown out of its Mafia games? Maybe I need to change the theme from Wild West to ESPORTS


Man, no one’s up this anymore?


I guess I’ll bite if we need to fill up. The last 4 games have been an interesting read (the TZ derailing in IV and the premature ending to 1 and 3 aside). I definitely like how the voting’s been moved to PM. Makes things more interesting.


Someone post this in the Lounge Thread. Some loungers are regulars, but are probably not on the lookout for a new mafia thread since it’s been a while.

Also, I thought I was automatically added to this one. C’mon, Pimp. :wink:

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Haha I’d rather not automatically add anybody just to be safe

I also mentioned it in the lounge thread at one point after I put it up


It’s really not…

Assigned role via PM from gamemaster or whatever… you try to figure out who is town and who is mafia, from posts in thread and from posting in thread…

Mafia can communicate with each other, so naturally they know who is mafia… they just pick the civilians off one at a time until they are all gone or until they outnumber them…

Some folks will have special abilities, some won’t… you don’t know who has special roles… it’s a game of gathering information…

I think the gamemaster will tell you when night-phase begins, but he gave a general idea of when night phase will be starting…

Just read the intro post in thread from here…

Hope that helped… gotta start somewhere…

Also P. Willy, put me in the game coach…


Put me in coach. Adam Warlock and RandomNigga told me to tell you they’re down as well.


Someone get Soviet’s silly ass in here. Actually, I’ll do it myself.

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sign me up man dem, I’ve done SRK maffia before- always fun


i’m in, thanks for the pm, i’ll read over rules as soon as i wake up


I’m in.

And such a nice guy, imma prolly get day one lynched.


Can we ban everybody who started the whole cheating accusation bullshit?

ie - everybody from TZ, to avoid that stupid drama and faggotry

also, I’m obviously in. CLU, I don’t care what happens, I’m voting for you a lot. I’ll find ways :slight_smile:


HAHAHA. Pistol Shrimp. This would be cool to get a bunch of SRK regulars in.


Hit the halfway mark on signups