Shoryuken masher advice?

Ok, being online fights and what not there are tons of shoryuken mashers. I need some advice with dealing with these guys, they’re getting really annoying lately. I’ll block the initial one but they’ll just mash another one out while I’m countering the first one. Most of the characters I play as I don’t have a huge problem dealing with this but I’ve been having a hard time with Cody lately. Does anyone have any advice?

I don’t play cody but the moment i saw your title i felt a kinship, lol! i hate ken’s lp.srk ugh

anyway personally i just think you should go to training room, set the dummy to spam shoryukens, and just practise your best punish until it’s automatic. hesitation will usually get your punched

instead of using heavy dmg punisher, u can try to punish with cmp xx or clk xx instead of chp xx

if you find they mash dp after blocked dp…and can’t seem to punish the 1st one you might need to change your thinking.

It’s likely you’re trying to punish them as they hit the ground (cause that will cause lots of damage). If you simply can’t pull this off, get in the mindset of hitting them out of the air on the way down. They can’t hit you then…though it’ll just be a single hit you get on them.

If you’re in endless it’s not too bad. It’s when you’re in a single match, and it takes you a few moments to realize they do this (after you’ve eaten too many dps). I wish there was an idiot alert before the match, telling me “dp-masher!”. As it is I have to either find out by getting hit by a couple , or just block for no reason against everyone just to find out if they’re mashers.

What are you using to punish a blocked srk?
If it’s cr. HP xx fierce CU it’s just a matter of not hesitating when doing so. It’s a pretty easy/lenient cancel so that you can just do criminal upper right after.
If it’s a jab hit confirm then that’s a pretty bad idea, because if you’re not consistent with this combo then chances are it’ll be an ineffective punish. cr. HP xx fierce CU is better for quick simple punishes.

Some other recommended simple punishes:

  • lk. Ruffian Kick (for a hard knockdown)
  • fierce Criminal Upper (dmg without having to worry about mistiming)
  • U1 or U2 :expressionless: (big dmg)
  • ex rocks into U1 or U2 (real soviet dmg, unless it scales lower than just the ultra)

Yes those Shoryu mashes are annoying epically with Cody being heavily frame trap dependent. I find its just something you have to learn to bait depending on how frequent the player is mashing. While punishing those that come out I am conditioned to use (against Ken) crouching lk into whatever you please, but I usually use HP CU as it sets up an wake up situation in which will give you an offensive advantage.

don’t let em “teach” you tho.

why don’t you get better at timing your punishes. Bait a wakeup shoryu, every single one of them can be punished on block. Using a faster normal helps if you still can’t time cr.hp xx fierce CU, as someone said.

Stop jumping in and crossing up without thinking

If they are a masher I just go for a focus while they are on the ground and backdash

If you are getting hit with a second uppercut after blocking the first, you must be hesitating or your timing is just bad right now. I only had to eat Ken’s shoryu a couple of times to learn that you need to start your punish AS SOON AS THEY ARE TOUCHING THE GROUND. This is especially true of something like Ken’s jab uppercut because it recovers so freaking fast.

I would suggest trying a few things, some combination of which may work for you. Like Dyllyn said, having that punish combo on automatic is big, especially in this game as a whole. SF4 in general is pretty defensive, so when you get the chance to open up some offense, you have to make it count.

Realize that everything you block will not set you up for a max damage punish combo. Sometimes a cr. strong to criminal upper will have to do if you find that you just aren’t in position or really weren’t ready to dish out a big combo: take what you can get.

If I find that I’m out of place or aren’t positive about the spacing, I’ll go for the cr. strong to criminal upper as a punish. The damage is ok, and if someone takes a few of them, it’s enough sometimes to make them think twice, which will open up your own pressure game. Hope this helped.

I’d hazard a guess that you’re playing online? At times where I find this happening you need to start the punish earlier (esp. vs Ken…). Hit cr.hp as soon as you see thm at the peak of the lp.dp. At worst you reset them (and yes, they will mash another lp.dp 90% of the time).


  1. time your jumpins and crossups better.
  2. use to get them before they hit the ground (Ken lp.srk has fast start up). then cancel into anything: mk.ruffian,, zonks, etc.
  3. Bait
  4. BAIT.
  5. BAIT!!! dont let noobs beat you with stupid tactics. bait it out. and make em pay. see: safe jumps
  6. get in WITHOUT jumping. think of jumping as the tool for the weak (not rly). use f.roundhouse,, zonk, etc. to get inside your opponent and then use frame traps.
  7. consistency with your combos is always good

Doh, forgot to check this. I don’t normally jump in with Cody, not against anyone with good wake up game anyway. I just needed to punish faster, it’s not really a problem anymore. I mostly try to punish with a cr.fierce since it has good setups, especially on counter. It was just really annoying that day. Did not expect to get this many replies, thanks guys!