Shoryuken Northwest Online Tournaments - 3/21/09

Tournaments… we all love them. The northwest… most of us love it. Let’s combine the two.

I’m trying to put together some online tournaments for this coming Saturday beginning at 2PM. I want to keep things fairly simple, so I’ll be using familiar rules: double elimination, three rounds, best of three matches. To keep things flowing, I’m going to be sitting out the whole time and just managing the brackets.

I’m planning on being able to pull off Live SFIV, Live HDR, PSN SFIV, and PSN HDR since those seem to have enough support for a tournament. If other games are wanted on Live/PSN/GGPO… and have enough support (I imagine Third Strike could get that), then I’ll organize those, too.

Since this is a first run for this online tournament design, I’ve taken FullMetalRoss’ suggestion of taking away the entry fee this time around. Unfortunately, this takes the tournament pots out of the question. Though I’m afraid you’ll think it a joke, to give some kind of prize incentive for the tournaments… I’m offering a few bucks to the first-place winners of the two most populated brackets. Being the poor college student (with student loans building) that I am, the prizes are a meager $10 to the winner of the most populated bracket and $5 to the winner of the second most populated bracket via PayPal. (Future online tournaments with prizes and entry fees will also be handled with PayPal for security and ease of use.)

I will be handling everything through an IRC channel that will be easily accessible through your web browser during the tournament. I’ll need everyone to log into that IRC channel and report by 1:45PM PST on 3/21/09. To access the IRC channel from your web browser, click here.

Post your signups here with which games you want to enter in (specify platform). There will need to be a minimum of four entrants to justify a bracket for a given game.

Good luck!


Current signups -

Street Fighter IV -

HD Remix -

Third Strike -
S-Blade (or GGPO)

Street Fighter IV -

HD Remix -

Third Strike -
S-Blade (or Live)

you can put me down for SF4 on XBL. but how is payment happening? i need a little more info on that.

Via PayPal… it’ll just sit in my account until I redistribute to tournament winners.

PayPal is hella secure and easy to set up, and it won’t charge you any fees for this, so it works well.

Hold off on payment until we have enough people ready for a tournament, though.

I’ll update the first post with more details on payment since I forgot that.

In the event that there’s interest in a friendly tournament… but not so much entry fees… by later this week… I can offer to put together some no-charge, no-prize brackets.

Sounds like a good idea. paypal is secure and if ya get screwed over its only 3 bucks. But it everything works out all good then this could be the start of something good. Good idea kendrick!.

I say whoever organizing the xbox one have peeps chillin in xbox live party
to announce whoevers got to play next. Im not sure how PS3 does it or if they
have a a party function like xbox does. Either i dont have irc. But if your
gonna do something like this we would need more ideas on how this would
run smoothly. Especially how peeps would get their money etc.

People would get their money as soon as the brackets have run their course in the same way that they paid their entry fees: PayPal transfer. That’d be cake.

I could sit on a Live Party if that’s helpful… but because it’s limited to six people in a Party… that could be a problem if a bunch of people sign up.

Which is why I recommended IRC via an online tool called Mibbit… there’s no install… just a click on a link… inputting your name… and go. Click here to see what I’m talking about.

It’s super easy, and it works on every machine I’ve ever tested… even with ridiculous (bad) internet connections. It handles tons of people… and it’s super reliable. For this situation… it works way better than anything else is likely to… even if it’s slightly more work than just jumping in on a Live Party.

I met a small number of people at Slugfest, so I was hoping that would help me shake the “guy on the internet” image, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my first attempt doesn’t get a lot of love since I am so unknown. (Though, for what it’s worth, I’d be hella stupid to try and rip you guys off since I actually want to be involved in this community, contributing to it, and gaining respect from everyone else in it. Still, an unknown guy is pretty unknown.)

i’d be in for sf4, sthd (both classic/remixed i guess), and definitely 3s if there’s enough to have a tournament for that.

i personally think this is an amazing idea, combining the convenience of online and the whole local community aspect as well as minimizing lag enough to keep the game as playable as possible…

as for spectating-type things…there’s really a lot of ways, from having a commentator for the channel to some dedicated spectator ustreaming their television, although it gets difficult for sf4 because no one can spectate at all >_>

In for Xbox Live Street Fighter IV. How many people are allowed in private lobbies in Home on PSN? That might help out on that platform.

Glad to see a little more support. I’ll add you to the lists (which will be going up in the first post), but I need to know which systems you want to be added to, S-Blade.

oh lol sorry

xbox 360, i don’t have a ps3 (yet)

I figured you wanted 360… but I didn’t wanna assume.

Live version of 3S, too?

i can do either xbox/ggpo

Yo put me down for 360 SF4, and HDR on 360 as well.
Rayblade you in on this???

You’re listed on both for now. If both get enough people to justify a bracket, I’ll ask you to choose one (unless you want to enter both)… but if only one gets enough to justify a bracket, I’ll put you there.

Ninja, you’re down for both HDR and SFIV on the Live side of things.

Still lots of room for more takers. Like I said above, we can add other fighting games if there’s interest, so be sure to post up if there are any others you’d like to enter in (like Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter, etc.). If there are enough people interested, a bracket will be set up. If not… you lost like… three seconds by adding a write-in… so no big deal.

Two things. First I feel like the first tournament should have no pot to judge the feasiblity of online play and see how people feel about playing in an environment that has extra variables like display and/or input lag, that of course is just my opinion and if people are cool with it, then whatever.

Secondly, I have a ps3 so probably a no go for me since most of the nw has 360.

This sounds like fun and a good way to play some locals but ill unfortunately be working until 4:30 that day.

Awww man… I’m leaving to Europe this Wednesday… Count me in on the next one.

I appreciate your input a lot. Thanks. :tup:

Tentatively, I’m inclined to think that your call is a good one. Not only for the reasons you’ve suggested… but also because I’m pretty unknown and untested. Having a no-fee, no-prize-beyond-honor tournament the first time out is probably the better idea.

Depending on what others have to say… as well as how many people are signing up… I’ll have a decision on that by Wednesday night.

Again, thanks for your input.

Let me know if you wanna be put down for any of the brackets later.

Ghrrk, slcs… hopefully this idea actually sticks around. In that case, I hope to see you in the next online tournament.

I could go for an online PS3 tourney if there ends up being enough for an online PS3 tourney. I work every Saturday afternoon so I’ve missed every other tournament in the area lately.

We should play online sometime. Spring Break is in effect after tomorrow so I should have some time. Im playing mostly c.viper and seth lately, I love to take a lot of damage while doing very little.

This is a great idea. Keep working on it!