Shoryuken Northwest Online Tournaments - 3/21/09

Thanks. I’ll be doing just that.

Minor update: I’m definitely leaning toward the no-fee, no-prize first run this weekend as per FullMetalRoss’ suggestion. It just makes a ton of sense to me… it gets me more familiar with how to effectively run an online tournament… and it gives a bunch of you a chance to see how well an online tournament would work along with a reason to get to know me.

Unless if there are objections to a free tournament this time around… let’s go ahead and make the move over to that. Assuming this goes well, and there’s interest afterward, we’ll step it up to pot-based tournaments in the future.

I’ll edit the first post to reflect this. Again… if there’s demand to keep things prize-based this time out… we can definitely keep it that way, but this seems to be the better move in both the short run and the long run.

Additionally, Saturday afternoon doesn’t always work best for everyone (as evidenced already)… so if you regularly have Saturday afternoon commitments (like work), please post up a few alternative times that do work best for you. I’m definitely not making any promises that some time other than Saturday afternoon will be used in the future, but I want to be on the lookout for ways to make future tournaments as accessible to as many people as possible.

PS3 people (like you, Ross and DannyCat), if you want… put your name down anyway. If no tournament bracket happens, then no harm done, but your name on the list may help encourage others to sign up, too.

Edit: My first post was updated. There will be no entry fees for this tournament series (unless if there is a strong enough opposition to this shift for the first tournament series), but I’m offering small prizes (disbursed by PayPal) to the first place winners of the two most populated game brackets. Further detail and explanation up there.

Edit 2: I found, and will be using, a site called Bracket Maker ( to help me organize the brackets. The site ain’t pretty to look at, but it will be easy to work with for planning… and in real-time. Better yet, everyone can see the brackets as I update them.

Put me down for SFIV and HD Remix on PSN!

Done. :tup:

Great idea.

Put me down for SFIV and HDR on Live.

You’re on the list.

I’d say put me down but I won’t be home till later on on saturday. If I am I home at all. Work + Party.

haha Life… it’s a good thing to have.

So far… it looks like SFIV is the only tournament I can run since there aren’t enough signups to justify a bracket for other games.

So… just a reminder… no entry fee this time around… small prizes to the winners of two biggest brackets. Saturday. 2PM. Sign up. :tup:

I’ll join for SF4

Assuming that’s the Live version? Adding you now.

I wanted to give an update on a few things for tomorrow’s tournament as well as a couple of reminders.

First update: we still only have enough people for a Live SFIV bracket. It’d be great to get other brackets going.

Second update: I’m shutting down registration at noon tomorrow in order to give me time to make sure the bracket(s) are ready to go and other preparation stuff.

First reminder: I need you to be logged into the IRC channel (explanation of this is in the first post) by 1:45PM on the day of the tournament to confirm that you are present.

Second reminder: If you want to receive the prize money, you’ll need to have a PayPal account. PayPal is free and super easy to set up, and I’m guessing many of you already have one for online purchases.

Third reminder: All tournament matchups are best-of-three matches, best-of-three rounds. I want both people from every matchup to report to me on the IRC channel immediately after the match with who won. I’d like to believe everyone is honest, but it’s easiest if both people confirm the wins and losses.

Once the tournament is done, I’d really appreciate everyone’s feedback regarding how things went, how things could be done better, and whether or not you’d like to do another online tournament in the future. I think this is a really cool idea (and adding in pots once the system is confirmed to work will make it even better), and I’d love to see it pick up steam. My thanks to those of you willing to be the first-run testers. Let’s see if this can become something bigger, better for all of Shoryuken Northwest in the future. :tup:

GL to everyone in this and to kendrik running it lol wish i coulda got in on this.

I’m up for SF4 one. :rofl: Xbox hopefully my connection is good.

Thanks for organizing.

You’re added to SFIV (Live). Good luck with the connection.

Not-so-subtle reminder: registration ends in 45 minutes. Please be able to sign in as present for the tournament at 1:45 on the IRC channel (link to web-based app that runs on any computer I’ve seen in the first post).

Good luck!

EDIT: Signups are closed. Looks like only Live’s SFIV has enough people to justify a bracket. Sorry HDR and PS3 guys. I’ll have the bracket set up and ready to go for the 2:00 start time. Again… please confirm your presence by 1:45 to keep things flowing smoothly.

Aaaaaand the SFIV (Live) tournament just completed. Thanks for participating, guys!

We pulled in a couple of others to bring the bracket up to eight entrants.

How the full bracket played out is attached below.

Things went pretty smoothly on the whole from where I was sitting, so I’d love to see this idea gain some steam and hold another tournament in the future.

props to organizing this kenny.

sorry i don’t have a 360 and i had to work.


That did go pretty smoothly. Never done one online like that before.

I’d like to get PSN brackets going next time, too… but not enough people signed up with PSN to make it happen.

Glad you thought it wen smoothly, RickClops. Thanks for entering and calling people in to expand the list of entrants. :tup:

Everything went smoothly…also really quickly. Since it was all online there was basically no limit to how many matches could be going on at once. I don’ t think I ever had to wait more than a few minutes for my next game, which was certainly nice.

I just wish there were some way to spectate other matches…maybe when the patch hits, eh?

I wonder if we’d get more or less players if we made it an over-a-period-of-time tournament, instead of all on one day. I just finished a 16-man single-elimination tournament over at the Penny Arcade forums that lasted a couple weeks, though it could have been about half that had a couple people not had some multi-day delays.

Down side, you have to wait longer to determine a winner. Up side, it enables much more flexible match scheduling for people who can’t be there on a set date and time.