Shoryuken Pack for PC version - Includes all Shoto costumes?


Hi all. I recently got the PC version of SSFIV: AE. I’m interested in getting the costume packs for the Shoto characters but I noticed that the marketplace for the PC version is different from the X360 version. There is only 1 shoryuken pack so does include the Super and Ultra Shoryuken packs or only one of them? Also, if I wanted to use the vanilla SFIV shoryuken pack, do I just buy it off the SFIV page on the GFWL marketplace and I’ll be able to access them or do I need to own the PC version of SFIV, which I don’t have? Thanks.

EDIT: I own the Origin version of the game, not Steam or retail.


Vanilla is totally seperate from AE, you can buy ALL costumes on AE PC for I think 15 bucks.


the packs for AE on pc are all 3 alternate costumes