Shoryuken SF4: Matchmaking thread (Online Edition)


Edit: i gotta remind the mod that runs this forum for a sticky

I figured since so many people make posts in here about an people in here may miss the regional shiz we should have on here for out game online.

Please fill out the following if you are looking for players to play with

SRK Username: Derp
XBL/PS3 Gamertag: BA
What chars you main: Derp
Where you live: by time zone aka GMT 00:00 or EST -05.00 (im not including daylight time), By country or by city whatever you feel comfortable with
Your experience: Tourneys, PP, i beat my best friend whatever. explain what you want and a rough idea of you skill its just for networking people suimilar areas thart want to play and get better
Short persona description:

Example post: [PS This is mine feel free to add me]
SRK Username: mapleleafs791
XBL/PS3 Gamertag: Chilaisho
What chars you main: Evil ryu/Cody/Yun
Where you live: EST -05.00 (im not including daylight time). Currently Ontario, Niagra falls area
Your experience: Online Motha-fucking warrior bitches. come at me bro
Short personal description: Casual player, pretty average anyone that wants to play some games let me know.


As I mentioned in the PM you sent, we already have matchmaking threads set up in the appropriate sections.

Xbox 360:



That being said, links to those threads might be useful as a sticky. I’ll sort it out.