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Shoryuken wants to start a conversation to move the site in a direction that will best benefit you and the FGC at large!

We now have a Feedback Hub that will allow you to submit your ideas and vote for ones already suggested.

Whether you are an enduring fan or the newest member of the FGC, Shoryuken wants to continue to be your home for all of the content you care about. Is there a concept you would like us to revisit, or is there something entirely new you would like to see on the site? Every suggestion has value.

We are open to each and every suggestion that you have for improving SRK, and the louder the support for an idea, the more attention we will put towards it as we determine the feasibility of its implementation.

We want to be transparent about the situation as well, nothing is set in stone. Right now, I am the only active staff member of the site and it has been that way for more than a few months. Any content that you have seen since 2019 has been made on a volunteer basis, so we need to determine a new revenue model that will make all of this sustainable as well.

Passion for the games, content, and community is what Shoryuken is founded on. We are open to suggestions to better finance the ideas you present so we can grow the community that you care about. Whether it is news, editorials, tournament coverage, community spotlights, or anything else you want more of.

This site means the world to me and I promise to continue championing the ideals it was based upon. Hopefully, with your support, we can make the site stronger than ever.

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Oh boy, only active member of the front page article writing staff.


Everybody chill and help the man out.



Bring back the rep system
Bring back bigger avatars
Bring back pages or a competent search function
Give us more options to display the forums instead of dark and regular
Make a ignore fiction that makes sense
Better bot detection

$RK having its down official discord would murder what very little of this site is left.

A lot of that stuff in the feedback poll or whatever already existed in srk but was slowly taken away with each forum software change over. This final switch over was handled so poorly it nuked most of our members accounts. Many of which were beyond recovery.

The rest of it generally isn’t needed because it’s not why people came to srk in the first place.

If I’m sounding apprehensive I’m sorry but I’ve been coming to this forum pretty much every day for almost 16 years. I’ve seen it go through so many phases and to see it the shape that’s it in now with barely little care or attention to it outside of one mod, one admin and apparently one article writer just makes me mad.

Especially when they claim they can make this place better than it ever was. That’s a very bold claim. If you can actually make this place “better”, whatever that entails, though, I’m all for it.


Thank you very much! I appreciate any help I can get!


SRK needs a podcast. Or a few.


I really like the little tourney we thread members had last weekend on 30th Anniversary PC. Much more fun to lose to posters you kinda know that online randoms.

That was some real top-shelf community stuff.


That one frame link at 10fps will live in infamy forever. But agreed, with online tournaments being the norm, it should be a regular occurrence

Thank you for this. For the longest time now, it’s felt like the front page and forums were two separate sites, which it should have never been.

If only, but there’s only so much I can do on this forum software we’re on.

If only you saw all the stuff that actually gets filtered/detected. What get’s through are only a few edge cases.

Lord knows we tried back when we had a full crew.

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That’s because they actively worked on downplaying the forums in favor of promoting the front page.

I mean, you can tell the mentality is there when the post above had:

Right now, I am the only active staff member of the site and it has been that way for more than a few months.

Not trying to throw the guy under the bus, but this mentality, a long with a lot of dumb ass ego, basically sunk this site. Shiiiet, when the forums were going to be blown up, front page writers were told about it before the forum users…who had to find out through twitter.

So we need an overhaul in communication altogether. But it can’t be this weird goofy mentality that forums ain’t shit 24/7.

If it isn’t about building a community back up again, its just going to go back to the goofy divide you mentioned.


I know there’s a few different FGC podcasts I wanna hear that aren’t there. Most of them are commentary on FGC news and announcements- “Capcom announced season 5, who’s the new characters? So-and-so is banned from every major, is it the right call?”

Stuff like that is what this place, Reddit, and discord is for. There’s not any FGC podcasts I can find that do something like Jared from core-a does or talks about broader topics.

I just feel like there’s an opportunity being missed🤷🏻‍♀️


Give pertho more power

If you want an srk network of podcast where we shoot the shit and do deep dives on games and wrestling and anime. And all that. I would be down


Won’t somebody think of the cosplayers. :frowning:

I cri evvry tiem.


I would ask what is within reason to ask? I mean there’s a lot we want but what is possible?

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It isn’t an issue of power, its an issue of empowering. The front page quickly went from sort of highlighting community stuff to trying to be this blog type bullshit ass thing catering to stream monsters. Which is fine because apparently the front page was the home of the “casual” fgc i.e. motherfuckers who don’t go to locals.

SRK used to be the place where you came to get good. I know because the first time I found it back in 03-04, i came here to get MvC2 strats and vids (which used to be hosted on the front page hilariously enough). When I tried to make an account the first go around in 05, I did it because ran into FGC people in my city and they told me this was the place to go.

When Keits got the front page restarted he did his best to highlight random SRK forum members and other community things. The moment they tried to formalize it, somehow strategy took a big ol’ backseat to writing about random bullshit. Writing about random bullshit sort of became the norm. This lead to the articles with the biggest clicks being about new colors being released on outfits rather than anything of substance to players.

So if you wanna Get Good, where do you go? Here I’ll tell you where:


I’m not even joking. Discords are wack for the most part. There are some really helpful people in a bunch of them, but in general I’d rather go punch myself in the eye. I’ve been in a number of discords where I legit couldnt’ get actual match up help.

Reddit triple sucks. Its shitty and those dudes are posting bullshit 24/7. r/streetfighter is good if you want to talk about how much you like street fighter but can’t do the DP motion on the 2 player side. Its so ass that all they can do is send you to discords that don’t discuss match ups all that well.

Then you have twitter which is the Holy Grail of go eat a fat dick. Because what happens in twitter is that they took all the shitty things that would happen on SRK like people saying scrubby shit, people posting randon tech that doesn’t work and my favorite, all the dickriding, and they amplified that to past 11. So you had a chunk of the FGC leave SRK, blame it for things, and then exhasborated the problem but with additional cliquiness and bullshit posturing over issues taht have nothing to do with getting good like what companies do to market their games on twitter i.e. who cares about SamSho’s twitter because we our issue isn’t a company’s PR, we are here to play games and help people get better at playing games; capital FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE.

SRK should always be about playing the games and getting good at the games. Playing talks, bullshit walks. It has to address community problems because its a community site. there’s gonna be a lot of tangential shit but damn, wtf? Front page could never really address community issues properly because it never really wanted to address the community. Since it didn’t serve the community and foster it, the front page ended up serving nobody. Funny how that worked.

You want SRK to be poppin’, it needs to reassess itself about what it was about: coming in here to learn from people who took these games seriously. It used to be that SRK would make fun of Gamefaq scrubbery and people crying about hadoukens. SRK desperately needs to sort of go back to that.

Yeah, FGD had a lot of bullshit ass topics about random fighting game nonsense. But it also had dozens of threads from people taking obscure games seriously. SRK should’ve been the place taking that content and putting out there for people to see and then dragging them back here but…right, what people took as SRK problems turned out to be just FGC problems (I.e. FGC Twitter sucks way worse than SRK at its worst).

There were some seriously stupid ass attitudes that lead to a bunch of shit. The idea that only top players could write strategy articles (this was a thing, I’m not saying whose it was). You’re gonna hire a bunch of writers but not let them write strategy? You hire people so they do research and PRESENT INFORMATION BETTER THAN THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF U.S. TOP PLAYERS WHO ARE HILARIOUSLY ASS AT EXPLAINING ANYTHING.

Look I’m just fucking frustrated at this point. I harped about a bunch of this stuff years ago and its basically all come to fruition. eSports is ass, twitter is ass, discord is unadulturated ass etc. Front Page had a lot of people do work on it but it tried to be eventhubs lite instead of really slapping the shit out of the scene and putting some big boy pants on content. Some great stuff was written over the years, but the sporadic nature of it almost dragged down the forums too. The forums which were being overpaid for and then put to sleep like an old dog because at no point did people consult the users on anything.

Asking people what they want is a half measure. You already have independent tournament scenes for a lot of SF games, reddit does tournaments, sp00ky does tournaments, randoms have tournament series (randoms not as in unknown just independent people who doing hella work). What should’ve always been offered is the community side. People talk about discord taking a bite out of SRK but it was really facebook that started it. I was part of that because I moved centralizing my scene from SRK to facebook to make it easier to get people engaged. It worked to a large extent unfortunately.

So if there are going to be so many competitors, you offer what they can’t get. A place giving you permission to take things as seriously as possible. You get a good group of people, appoint some new mods, find out who is in charge of the SRK wiki and get new people who would love to help, and tell them that we are here to take the FG part of the FGC seriously again.

You wanna address people being shitty? Well we’re gonna have to clarify. FGC is always talking shit. From US, to Japan to Norway (and I know becuase I’ve watched Norwegian streams of people running sets because they were talking shit). We gotta help people understand its part of the game. Rampant bullshit abuse isn’t. Some women get treated like shit at events at times? Great we can address that because SRK is gonna promote that you’re ass play games and get good; you out there being hella extra then that has fuck all to do with playing so you need to figure life out.

But you have to care about creating a community centered around something. Its a great time to restart SRK as a hub for a million things. I could probably put together a powerpoint presentation on all the ways this place messed up and how to relaunch it in a new direction. The best way to do that is making it about playing.

It can’t be that the SRK front page twitter is asking about what type of articles people want to see. There are 40 characters in SF5. You know how many match ups in that game along? There’s a guy from the Free Play Arcade who literally wrote articles about ST normals for years. But we gotta ask about what type of content is there? You got all these interesting people in the scene doing cool stuff that nobody interviews (I’ve thought about doing it and my list is like…7-8 probably more)…but we’re asking about content? 3S is having a resurgence but we’re asking about content?

More than anything this site needs a direction period, so the real question is since the forums matter fuck all, where is it that we’re gonna be taken?


America on fire
A plague upon the land
Locusts in Africa
And someone working for SRK actually asking for feedback on what to do with the website

2020 probably is the year of the apocalypse.

But anyway, people used to come here to get better at fighting games, and then they’d stay for the community.

Might be nice if the site could get good at the “better at fighting games” thing again.


the post above is long, my bad. Didnt’ edit it as I’d normally would something that long.

Yeah, I’ve been turbo frustrated for a good 4 years now about a lot of shit I have no control over, can’t to talk anybody about etc. Don’t take this as a d3v isn’t helpful thing, the guy has been helpful for a lot. But we are sort of limited and TBH it always feels like nobody gives two fucks about listening to anything.

This whole scene is super cliquey, ran by a lot of egos etc. I can’t emphasize how demoralizing it is at times to be a mod here. Not because it sucks but I wanna do more and can’t.

Wiz only cared enough to hit me up so he could ban me over the one silly ass thing. Trying to get myself unbanned is the most interaction I’ve had with people who run SRK about an SRK issue.

Its silly.


oh yeah, SRK not having an absentee father would be great.

and I personally don’t think we need a “front page for news articles”. Landing page for SRK should be more of a what-you-lookin-for: how-to-play a game, how to play a character, forums, matchup info (not tier lists which are just memes at this point), and something about “what is a fighting game” for our other e-sports brothers from FPSs and MOBAs that poke their noses in here and want to learn the bare basics.

News articles on the front page dont age well and require constant upkeep. I think that’s a poor use of time/money as compared to the forums. The forums is where we theory-fight between actual fights and good software there should be priority #1. The forums is the free evergreen content.

Also this should be a hub for finding games with people, not one of the 30 discords 27 people have made for a game, all trying to be THE forum. I’m fine with discord as a voice chat app.


We tried to chase Eventhubs to try to be a news outlet and we failed. In hindsight, it’s not like we could ever succeed anyway, not when we refused to do certain things they would.

That said, I did try to keep pushing some forum things, such as the awards that the Tech Talk subforum used to do for arcade stuff. Also, the MvC2 stuff Brett (Romneto) still sends me to this day.


well that’s what i’m saying regardless: don’t be a news outlet. The front page of a website doesn’t always have to be a listing of recent stories, like a blog or a news outlet is. Abandon that method of website design.

We have a Warlord rank guy as a regular in one of our threads. I would expect an FG site to remember and display such accomplisments. Even just copy-pasting the Xbox / PS “achievements” into this site so they outlast the servers at MS / Sony / Capcom etc would be good.

I once told a friend that while I was certain I could attain “A”-rank in SFIV, I chose not to do so, because even if I had what would I have to show for it in 2018? I would expect an FG site to value such accomplishments. I would expect an FG site to value and acknowledge each member’s growing understanding and skill at the various games. There’s an analog to personal fitness sites here: keeping a log of goals and accomplishments. I recently put it on my plate to learn short short super with 3s Ken, cause one of the other guys did and he used it to beat me. No one knows unless you happen to see an old post. Maybe I have potential friends on that struggle bus.

tl;dr Look at websites devoted to self-improvement in diet or exercise or whatever. That’s the model SRK should base itself on. Learning & displaying game-skill-related info about ourselves to help us better connect with each other. A social site for self-improvement. Not daily news articles.

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