Shoryuken while crouching input tutorial


In 3rd Strike, you can do Shoryuken while crouching. Do this by holding :d: , and while holding it, tap :f: twice (to get :df: input) and press Punch button. It’s important to not let go of :d: input so that you don’t stand up.

You can also hold :d: and mash :df: , and whenever you press :p:, Shoryuken will come out. This is useful in situations where you want to react with SRK to counter opponent’s poke or dash without announcing it.
Another way is to hold :d: and mash :df: :db: so that you have a chance of block in case you take a hit. But this is more useful against ambiguous crossup on wakeup.

This method is not limited only to Shotos, anyone with :dp: input move can do it.


this is the only “down crouch shortcut” I like:





You don’t replicate something like this like the “jab makoto jab makoto A/C, dash, jabkoto, D/C, jab toe version,” MIXUP CUZZ


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Thought this was a Roshihikari thread.


Didn’t work for you? Maybe I should make a video tutorial.


Basically, Roshihikari is another guy on the 3S subforum who kinda makes threads similar to this one. Don’t worry about it.


I know about him. But, I don’t think he would make informative thread.


As useful as a “hidden” uppercut would be, there’s still the issue with higher level players adding a down tap or forward tap before most, if not all, aggressive action.

As for Roshi, he’s made a few informative threads.



It’s not just to hide your inputs. Like I said, you can hold D, and mash DF, so you can react on opponent’s move with singe button press. I’m talking about countering opponent’s move or dash, where his parry wouldn’t help.


RKD meant beating a dash-in (or other expected move) before they’re able to parry. If you’re fishing for it offline (or with a good online connection) this is possible before they can parry or block.

Edit: What RKD said.


Incoroporate away. Sounds fool proof. But it’ll only work once. Offline. Might be the best trick online, though. Will test it out tonight.


Fuck, so did I!


If you’re afraid that your opponent will hear your controller mashing offline, don’t be, because you can use it in your advantage. Just mash DF, and when you know he has “figured you out”, act appropriately.


Hugo’s airgrab utilizes this the most: I always see Hayao crouching, and then inputs the DF DF for the grab without seeing the standing animation


walk up



Most things in this game ‘only work once’ on paper. It depends who you’re playing, if they can hear your inputs, etc. RKD put it out there as just another trick for people to try if they wish.


Isn’t that really old news? Yun can AA with and just buffer the upkicks if he expects a parry.


Dunno if this is old or new, but I figured it out myself. According to file properties, on a text file where I’ve written down this trick, it says it was last modified on Monday, August 29, 2011.

It also works in 2nd Impact, but not in other SF games.


its a simple srk shortcut (df,df) , remember when “OG” players used to laugh at sf4 for having them? :slight_smile:


df, df doesn’t work, this is not sf4.
d (or db), df, d, df does work, but i’d hardly call this a shortcut of f, d, df, or you have a weird definition of what’s a shortcut.
It’s just a practical/easier method of doing srk from a crouching state.


the only people who think 3S doesnt have ‘shorcuts’ are the people who havent played much or don’t play at all.

and as esn said, its not df, df.