Shoryukens on wake up

Sorry if this has been asked before, but i have a question. Will shoryukens on wake up beat out an attack from a shotos opponent? Basically will they hit thier opponent out of anything besides meaty jump ins? What other moves on wake up can beat out attacks with other characters?

Normal srk’s will lose to meaty UOH and a lot of other meaty shit but it depends on the move. Most can stuff a srk with the right timing. Hoever ex srk’s can’t be stuffed by anything other than a super, and can trade with a meaty ex move but I can’t think of when I’ve ever seen that.

its completely dependant on the srk

what about dudley’s ex srk. i’ve always wondered, does it have invincibility?

So a well timed attak can beat out the srk. I dunno. Seems to me like akumas and kens beat out alot of stuff i try besides meaties. Or am i just timing it wrong?

I’d be surprised if it didn’t; his EX uppercut on wakeup seems to beat out pretty much anything.

shoto hp srk will beat almost anything on wakeup. if it gets stuffed by a uoh or low short you’re not timing it right

Yeah, thats what im thinking. It seems like akumas fierce srk beats out my meaty low shorts. priority and all that i guess. meaty jump ins and sweeps seem to stuff hp srks though. Also another srk of course.

im pretty sure every ex srk has invulnerability of some kind except maybe seans

I thought it was only the fist that had invincibility?

ex upper

EX upper doesn’t beat out well timed karakusa. Not so sure about a well timed normal throw.

While we ar on the subjeft of wake up games, i might as well ask another question. How do you dash past someone while they are on the ground to cross them up. I have seen it in vids, but havent been able to do it irl. Is there some trick to it? Dudley can do it with his crouch dash as well. How?

Depends on the opponent, not your character.


I saw that vid, but it doesn’t say specifically how to do those cross up techniques. How do I do them?

Are you blind or something? It shows you if you have any concept of logic how to do the makoto one, and the rest are… shown?

No need to be a smart ass. I assure that I’m not blind. If I was how could I use a computer and a moniter?

Haha, oh wow.

Anyways, all he means is if you just try to do what you see for just a few minutes in training mode, you will understand.

Dudley’s EX Jet Upper will not beat any meaty move, period.

Akuma’s Dragon’s (all of them) seem to have EX SRK priority, in that if you try a meaty, and Akuma dragon punches, you will lose. Correct me if I am wrong but after playing Akuma many, many times, that seems to be the case to me.

Ken and Ryu’s EX Dragons beat any meaty move. There other dragon punches however, do not.


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You are wrong about akuma’s DP I stuffe his reversal dp with a close HP meaty of ken.