Shoryureppa & Shinryuken

i see, Masters San hyper combos have a greater speed for come out than the another shotos, Shoryureppa also can go through projectiles, and if you r faster enough u can win a Guile Sonic Hurricane hyper combo but i wanna know something, what can defeat this hyper combo? both hyper combos can go through projectiles included both Storm hyper combos:D :cool:

Depends really. Everything can stop it basically, but it can also gorw through things. It just depends when you do it.


You can stop maximum spider with shinryuken, but maximum spider can also stop shinryuken.


You can stop Sentienal drone super with shoryureppa, but you can also be stopped by Sentienal drone super.

It’s all about timing and situation.

its ok, i know that Sessahoumaru, but i wanna say if the Reppa or the Shinryuuken can be defeated if the hyper combos come out as de second one.???

its anything like this:

1st: Mags Magnetic Shockwave
2nd: Shoryureppa

in this situation mag will be hitted by the reppa
now i hope you can understand my question also you can defeat the Hulks Gamma Crush HC if you make the Shinryuken in the last moment, itll can be defeated easily

in other words, the reppa or the shinryuken are invencibles if both come out as the second HCs???

its like this…reppa is TOTALLY INVINCIBLE during the first little hop (give or take a few frames)…how do you apply that? reppa is more of a counter super…lets say cable tries to beam your assist character while ur within dash range for ken…u can just burn a reppa to save ur assist…u’ll go through the beam…

also reppa is instant startup…so that is frame kill material

Just a little addition is that his qcb+KK super also has invincible startup as far as I’ve tested. So if you’re within dash range, it’s a bit easier than shoryureppa. However, from further back, shoryureppa is better for beating out HSF. I haven’t completely tested out the qcb+KK super yet, but I like the startup invincibility as it reminds me of Rogue’s invincible startup on her super. Goes through hella lot of random shit.

Also Ken’s throwing ability is pretty decent. FP throw in air…FP or RH throw on ground. They seem to beat out a lot of throws.

Haha, team shoto is too good…mad fun to play all three in casual. Ryu always second since he needs meter for TK superfireball. Ken or Akuma first, but Akuma to Ryu DHCs are more damaging. Also fun is launch with Akuma, sj. lp, RH hurricane kick XX air super fireball DHC Ryu’s Hurricane Kick Super DHC mash Shinshoryuken. Mad fun…but stupid that I pointed it out.

It’s kind of hard to setup Shinshoryuken with Ken…I haven’t found any reliable setups for it yet. I just jump or sj. with FP and hope it throws or connects so I can launch into sj. lp, Air HK.
Ken’s pretty basic…nothing too fancy. Also I throw groundfireballs with Ken occasionally to bait them into not blocking…then I super through whatever they try to counter with. Oh yeah…jump or sj. lp DP is good to toss out on occasion…especially against flying sentinel.