Shoryus stuffed

I have been doing some wakeup DPs, mainly the lp version, that have been stuffed recently on Kaillera by things like Hugo’s meaty low roundhouse on wakeup. Is this normal or am I just messing up my timing online? Same thing with Alex’s “flash.”

HP version will be harder to stuff, especially if it’s a reversal… Don’t rely on wakeup shoryu.

I don’t rely on it, but is it stuffable by these moves? I thought it had higher priority… plus the HP version won’t knock down unless the third hit connects.

I think it’s because they lack [sufficient] invincibility now. At least on the opposite side of your rising dragon punch.

I’m sure Hugo’s low HK has a ton of priority. Alex’s flash chop has a sonic boom type effect; that sonic flash probably doesn’t have hit boxes, which might be where your SRK was targeted at. If he was up-close and he beat you without getting hit, I dunno if it’s because Alex has invincibility and higher priority, or a glitch in the matrix online.

I stuffed a wake-up HP SRK by Ken with Ken’s low LK. What happened was that the invincibility of the start-up wore off, along with the first of the three hits, and my low LK hit him before the SRK’s second hit came out.

Yeah, I think Ken’s SRKs have invincibility in the very beginning, but if an opponent’s meaty move stays out long enough, it’ll stuff/trade with the SRK.

I’ve traded with Ken’s SRKs with Dudley’s Dart Shot. Tons of shit can trade/stuff wakeup moves (unless the wakeup move has incredibly long invincibilty)

use ex-shoryuken and you should have your problem solved.

LP SRK can be stuffed

MP SRK can be stuffed (both clean)

HP SRK will trade 1 hit and push you back, and ken will take the hit you threw out if timed good.

EX SRK will NORMALLY beat normals out clean WITH THE EXCEPTION of alex’s s.hp overhead (that hits on the other side) and yun’s s.hp from geneijin and all that. reason being is cuz it hits from the back, and since the EX SRK is soo fast it hits when the invincibility ends.

best thing to do is bait parry srks, you’ll have forever to stuff them

Thanks for the information everyone.

makoto can trade on almost if not all SRK’s with tsurugi RH version in her favor but it has to be hella precise