Shosho using DC agetek



Is it possible to do the shoshosho w/ DC agetek arcade stick? cuz i’m have a horribe time trying to figure this crap out… Its as if not konwing how to do the shosho i feel inferious… As if i won’t be good until i know how to do the shoshow.


i know this thread is old… but here’s some help if you’re looking for it.

i personally buffer qcfs after the intial f.dp to perform her shoshosho CC, my trick with a jap stick (agetec stick, same thing) is to not actually complete the qcfs… just the first “half of it”

after the initial f.dp start performing qcfs but do NOT let the stick move above the bottom towards corner.
(the agetec stick being 4way, meaning when you do the qcfs, immediately repeat another qcf after reaching the bottom towards corner of the stick “hole”) i dont know what else to call it.

hope it helps.


i’m not a fan of the agetek anymore, its just hard to practice on it and then go to the arcade and use the long sticks…
i’m getting better at doing the shosho on my competition stick, but i’m trying to learn her basics before i focus on the shoshosho…
Thanks anyways