ShoShoSho with repeated FB motions Questions

So the dumbed-down way of doing the ShoShoSHo CC is to do a DP motion+HP, then repeated FB motions+Hp right? (same thing with Bison CC right?)

For the life of me, I CANNOT get this to work… I can do manual DP motions xN and get it to work oddly enough, but I can’t do it with repeated FB motions.

I’d like to learn it the other way so I can do chip CCs with other DP characters (Iori/Kyo/Etc) because it’s much faster and I can’t manually do DPs that fast. but I simply cannot do it.

Any tips? I just don’t see how it can even work… FB motion gives you FB, and a FB motion then D, DF+P gives you super (I think?). I always get the FB or super. I can do hadouken xN VC in A3, and I can whip out FBs xN CCs with normals fireballs with other characters in CVS2… but it doesn’t work for repeated DP CCs for me.

Do it like this: (well… this is how i do it… i usually hit the punch between down-forward and forward… not sure exactly…)

Forward, down, down-forward, Forward+punch, (down-forward, down, down-forward, forward+punch) x N

IE dont go to neutral, for bison you dont want to go to down-back because you will get psycho crusher (same thing if you go to up-forward you will get the hand).

You just have to get the rythm down.

are you playin on pad or stick? if pad i put my thumb where the calluses form. for stick i grind it in.

On a stick…

So I try to keep the stick pushed to the edge of the… uh… stick hole (?) the whole time? I’ll try that out.

thanks guys.

this is way i do it and i think alot of ppl usually do it too…

  1. do 1 DP motion+FP

  2. then just keep holding the joystick forward (which ever way ur doing it) and just do little FB motions+FP while still holding forward and just repeat that over and over til whenevers…then super or wutevers.

u’ll eventually get the motion and rythem down and it’ll just come naturally afterwords. just keep practicing it. after u get that down…try doing them with MP lol. its pretty damn fun

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