Shoto: crouching SK beats wakeup DP?

Happened a few times the other day, opponent dashes in, I reversal wakeup DP, and the crouching SK wins. Pretty good!

So I’m guessing that crouching SK should be used and abused a bit when using shoto groundgames. Trying to work stuff into my game like sk, sk, then dash-in throw/UOH/dash out/jump up/EX Hadoken. etc etc

What approaches do you guys use when going for the SK mixup?

thats not that easy to do. meaty c.short is pretty damn hard to time. d+forward from any shoto or ryu/akuma standing foward has alot more leeway to stuff out a dp. also gotta remember not all dps are the same. ryu has the weakest version. his ex is a bit faster. ken ex and akuma fierce dp are the best , i think those are 2 frame attacks :eek: they would probably be alot more difficult to stuff out

Check out BKD: How to 3s: Bust Hadou Style:Volume 1: Meaty Hits. Should be the second video listed on the left side.

Basically, if you are sticking out the short, you want the short to overlap your opponent’s sprite during their SRK start-up frames. If you are timing it right, your start-up frames happen while they are lying on the ground, and you will stuff it clean.

to expain on rei’s statement, it’s the short’s hit frame that you want to overlap.

And that’s where the REAL game begins. The game within the game

It’s like a 4 way rock-paper-scissor:

Throw-beats-Parry/Chickening out (Turtle lol)

…There isn’t a 100% way to beat setups though so it kinda ends there.
(And that’s not even mentioning the High-Low game…)

The thing that experienced players get is that 3rd Strike has “Games” within the “Game”. The whole wake-up exchange is like rolling a dice. It’s risky (and kinda fun for the vets). And since this exchange happens 7-18 times a round… it takes more than timing and skill to win. Things that normally don’t play a role in video games start taking effect in this little “Game”:
-Personal Styles
-Desire to be risky
-A person “Accepting” defeat before a round’s over
-A person making an unbelieveable comeback

When you watch 2 people of exact equal talent and skill,
you will see that they will either live or die based on the wake-up.

-Also, if you somehow “Know” they’re going for a DP on wake-up…
a crouching+short is sub-standard to parry:

Does this mean that DPs in 3S have no full body and lower body invincibility frames?

theres no invincibility in dps

50 SENT:
Thanks. I didn’t know that DPs had no invincibility in 3S. They have tons in CvS2 and I just assumed 3S DPs were similar.

I heard that just the fist is invincible.

according to Streak of karathrow, normal shoryukens do not have invincibility but the ex ones do. only exception is Gouki because he has no ex moves, his shoryukens have a little invinc.

Why is 3S starting to look more like poker the more I play? :xeye:

does ryu’s ex shoryuken (4 frames i think) and remy’s ex rrf have invincibility frames at start up?