Shoto-d. lk,lp,lkXX tips

How did you teach yourself 3 ducking light to super. I can pull it 50% of the time but that’s not even on confirm, so it’s pretty useless. Any tips?

Do lk, lp, mk xx super, all crouching.

Why are you learning 3 c.lks? Yeah, Ryu requires them all to be crouching (since his leaves much to be desired), but most other triple short characters don’t need the 3rd crouching lk…

Anyway, try practicing using Sakura shorts into super. That should be really easy because of the huge delays you can put in between each crouching short; hopefully this will help you with hit-confirm purposes…just make sure you combo a lvl2 or lvl3

yeah you should learn to connect mk first. becuz u have more time to activate the super and mroe dmg.

and always hold down the last button so nothing unexpected would come out.

This is something that I also have a bit of trouble doing consistenly on a stick. On a pad I can do xx qcfx2+mp (or whatnot) however on a stick I can’t do the stick movement quick enough, consistenly enough.

I CAN still easily do the ‘cheat’ way; qcf+lk xx qcf+mp with high consistency. I just personally find it difficult doing longer motions as fast on a stick compared to a pad(but hey I’m still a stick-newb so whatever, I’m sure I’ll adjust.)

So to answer your question;
If your target combo can be done the ‘cheat’ way (Ex. You’re using sakura or ken - there are also others where the or equivilent will reach) then just do that. It’s easy with some practice and you’re able to get quite good consitency. :tup:

If however you’re like me and are trying to do xx qcfx2+mp with C-Ryu, then you just gotta practice on getting quicker with the stick movements whilst still being precise in your directions. :tdown:

2 crouching lk’s to XX are easy. I just can’t seem to verify only 2.

I will try lk, lp, mk XX. Will Shinku hadouken and Sho ryu reppa always connect afterwards though(range)?

i know his fireball super will because i do them.

With ken, you must use his level 3 super, the qcbx2 + k. Shinkuu will connect even at level 1.

However IIRC c.lp xx shippura does less damage than xx shippura. (Due to parts of shippura whiffing in the first version.)

whatever floats ur boat =)

I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about pad players. I don’t know his name but this crazy Carribean accent guy plays N-Ohnuki team on the pad and is absolutely peanuts at comboing into supers. Whatever link you’ve ever heard of off a meaty attack or a d.LK, this guy does them better than I do. d.LP, sweep xx super with Sak. Ryu meaty d.MP, d.LP, d.MK xx super. Sak slow linked d.LK, d.LP, d.MK xx super with 100% accuracy. Him (and Leezy with his JD all hits of Chun super on the pad so the fanboys wet their pants) are the most hardcore pad masters I’ve ever seen. That’s no joke either. A serious compliment. :karate:

Not always. Level 2 and maybe even 3 if done late enough and from far enough away don’t always hit either.

You’re right, cuz I always do the first as close as possible. Either as a meaty wakeup or after a crossup. But I don’t chain the lk into lp very quickly, I might even link them.

make the last lk like a hadouken, and then do a punch hadouken, the super should come out

For pad players, here’s something I discovered when I first started getting better at stick (I started out with pad too). When you do comboes like cr.short x 2 shoryureppa or w/e, try to keep the stick “sticking” to the machine (like how you would do the Sakura and Bison CC’s with the buffered method). Don’t flail it…you just need it in a smooth motion. I had a lot of trouble switching from pad to stick but after I figured this trick out, my links were a lot better.