Shoto DP recovery


I’ve been playing a bunch of ST… err, HDR rather online since I don’t have any means to play the game offline atm. Most people who play shotos will do jab DP and then do another immediately after. As Fei, I try to do anything from sweep before landing or hit them with st.HP while in air and eat the DP no matter what I do. Are there a few frames of recovery upon landing that the game isn’t giving me due to lag? Or does it recover as soon as they land?


You can punish a DP upon landing with correct timing (plenty of recovery frames). That being said, online does make it more difficult to deal with DP spammers. With Fei, If you anticipate this, you can punish it pretty hard with Rekka combos.


I knew something was up. I’m not a fan of FGs online but will play that way if needed, but I had a funny feeling people were abusing an incorrect tactic. Good thing I know that so I don’t feel so bad about my losses


If you’ve just started playing the game, then it might take a few more days for you to really get used to its speed. I had spent days on and on eating hadoukens on the face due to being too slow to even react and block then the first time I tried to learn the game, on pad, several years ago. As your reflexes improve, the better counters will become available to you.

As for punishing Jab DPs, I usually feel you need to react really fast against Ken, else you’d better accept he performed a risky move and got away with it. Against Ryu, it your connection is not lagging, it should be possible to land rekka punches x3 with average reflexes and walk up close-fierce punch into rekkas with faster reflexes or if you anticipate it.

Your own DP-like move, the shien kyaku (a.k.a. the flame kick) can be used as a poke the same way shoryukens can, by the way.


Yeah. The people have become rather predictable in doing the 2nd DP after the first and very few people mix that up. So I more so predict the 2nd one and throw out the sweep early or whatever I may use to punish, but still not get the hit. A good number of times I see my move actually go through them, so it’s quite possible we are out of sync at those moments.

I do use flame kicks mainly in my throw mix-up, either going for a tick throw or hit with a light and then flame kick after if they try to tech the throw.