Shoto Frustration



Whats up you guys im a pretty good gen player but i just have the hardest time against shoto’s who have their fireball spacing right. Any Advice?


Patience is key. Don’t be too eager to walk forward and get in their face, just wait for an opening. Focus some to build a bit of ultra, but don’t overdo it as you could eat an EX fireball. Neutral jump fireballs; crane goes under most fireballs too. If they get into an obvious pattern, that’s when it’s time to strike. Make a read, jump in, and apply some pressure. I usually jump in with crane, depending on the distance, as that move does some good damage/stun and has gdlk range.

Hope this helped somewhat!


Really depends I guess.
Not so good players probably can be fooled or pressured with a neutral jump in. Then you may get a punishable DP.
For good players it’s probably getting in that far with mentioned crane and focus that you can risk a cross up jump. Or the focus attack from the right distance so that you can hit the shoto right after absorbing that fireball.
I think Ugo_2u’s latest challenge also helps: Fight a shoto CPU on hardest difficulty without jumping. Then you have to FADC those fireballs and/or crane them. :slight_smile:


Dont be afraid to blow some meter on Ex.Oga if you can read a fireball coming. Other than that use his evasive methods i.e Ex.Roll, NJ, Cr.Mk(Crane) and simply FAing. If you know your opponent likes to space well with fireballs use U2 to anticipate and punish obvious fireball patterns.


fireball: Build Ultra
close range: crMP hands or sMK hands
knockdown: mixup their ass
you on your back: block and watch for the frame trap
Key is be patient and then mix up their ass


not the best video but hope it helps. [media=youtube]YZHt9HxhVH4[/media]


crane cr mk, ex rolls, ex ogas, stance change parry, crane ultra 2


Ignore everything I just said. Got bodied by a shoto lol.



At least that was an AAA-shoto. :slight_smile:


I must train harder =D


How do you handle the shoto crossup jumpins?




Each shoto is different. Watching this video might help you with the Ryu matchup. I’m still learning this matchup. Goodluck!


I agree with the above, each shoto is different.

Ryu has one of the best fireball games and because a lot of people play him I’d focus on that match up first.

You might want to try playing a ground based game if you find you’re being blown up by uppercuts a lot, just walk forward and block, slowly back him into the corner, try to keep an eye out for the low forward, it takes practice but that’s the main normal you need to watch out for. Punishing with ultra helps as well.


Gen FA lvl2 > ryus fireballs. ( outside all ryus pokes). Mp super > fireballs. Then Setup unblockable… Etc.


tolerent the fire ball , build the uc.
tolerent the fire ball , build the uc.
tolerent the fire ball , build the uc.
tolerent the fire ball , build the uc.
Tiga(uc4) loaded. more attention to anti air. more walking forward give the shoto pressure to use the fire ball.
netural jump or back jump confirm the fire ball…
It`s really hard to tell how can you block the fire ball and read the jump in and do the footsie in the same time…


<p>Switch stances. Crane has a low jump arc and will, likely, hit many projectile throwers before they recover. Once you get them down, show no restraint and confuse them with shenanigans. There are too many possibilities. He is THAT good.</p><p>Gen is the greatest Street Fighter of all time. Harness his deadly fighting arts and rip into your opponent. Attack!</p><p> </p><p> </p>


If only it where that easy