Shoto Gates


Alright, so I’ve been using the square gate for some time now, and my main is Ryu. Thing is, the restrictive feeling of the gate still hasn’t washed off (many forums said that once you learned square it made you amazing or something like that). Should I keep practicing with square ( I ride the gate when I’m not paying attention)? Or should I buy an octagonal gate and just ride the gate?


Square is easier. I don’t like it, but its’ easier. The throw on Octo is really hard to get used to, as you feel like you’re flopping around.
If you feel restricted, you’re probably using too much arm motion and not enough wrist / fingers.
I use octo, but that’s because I learned on a HAPP, which has no gate and no square feeling. The square just throws me off and I can’t jump straight up. That said, I combo more accurately on square… But I can’t get used to moving around on it.


buy the octo, and try it. No one can tell you how you’ll feel it.
Just test it.


Octo gates are basically awful. I wouldn’t waste your money.


I agree that you should just try it…
I can’t guarantee that you’ll like it… But give it a shot. Worst case, you hate it, take it out and sell it in the trading outlet.
I’m not working on a stick right now, or I’d just say I’d buy it from you if you don’t like it.

REALLY random other tip:
About 5 years ago, I went into the trading outlet and I asked for someone to donate me one… It was right after college, and I was broke as balls.
Two weeks later, i got my first octo gate for free, thanks to butteroj. Some people are hella nice like that.


Try both, I’ve only ever used square, but I hear a lot of people complaining about transitioning from octo to square, so clearly octo must have it’s advantages.

Speaking specifically as a square-gate shoto; I can’t imagine Cr.DP without a square gate (df,d,df+p). Other than that, I barely notice the gate as a shoto.