Shoto strategy

I used to beat every ryu and ken coming my way and since I switched to super I have unlimited problems. I get DPed through my block strings like never before. I cannot seem to keep pressure up. I don’t know if its me or what. Just need some tips because it seems I’m doing something wrong now.

  1. bait the dp
  2. punish the dp
  3. ???
  4. profit?

Thats what I been doing. Seems on 360 kens do not do dp randoms as much. And ryus do less hadoukens. Maybe I should switch my strategys. It was more the other way on pc.

Dunno how many Ultra1 I ate from Ken because they were mashing like hell.
But I have exactly the same problems, I can’t generate enough pressure because I’m too scared of dp fadc ultra. Because it doesn’t matter how scrubby they are and if their only footsie tool is cr.HK, they all can do dp fadc ultra.

I have the same problem, it’s harder to deal with a scrubby ryu or ken than any good character except Boxer.

This is an issue of learning your opponent. You might lose half your life in the first round, but you should be able to figure out when a shoto is mashing and when they’re just blocking.

My rule of thumb against online shotos is 2 hit block strings into crouch block/walk backwards until I know their potential. I try to learn what they can and cannot react to, and if they mash or crouch tech. Do they reaction crouch tech? Do they mash crouch tech? Do they randomly DP?

When I learn their game I react accordingly. Generally speaking, I assume everyone is a masher and I play them like they mash. Remember Cammy’s DP beats Ken’s DP so don’t be afraid to mash a little too :smiley:

that’s not entirely true, if ken uses his fp dp after -2 he can trade or beat cs, and his mp dp has 6f of invincibility so that beats her dp clean up close.

Oh wow 6? I didn’t know his MP had 6… that’s pretty crazy.

yeah, 1-6 is full body invincible and 7-15? is lower body invincible

Yea, every ryu and ken seems to get me. I been getting turtling ryus lately. They just mash dp/hadouken whenI try to get in. Kens are easier to deal with because 99% of the time they try to rush down.

Yeah but kens mp shoryuken is hella unsafe used in ground combat. Unless he is RIGHT up against you only the first hit will connect and you will recover before he hits the floor.

Heck unless he is right on top of you the srk will probably just miss mp srk is the anti air srk hence the invulnerability.

I been working on this. Trying to get in more grabs since they like to turtle. Trying to do a full block string I get random DP from them through it. So they all mash pretty much.

you need to watch them like hawks. What I do is I cannon Strike their feet or legs to see how they react. If they Cr Lp me away I assume they are crouch teching so I would go for a counter hit CrHp unless they seem to always seem to mash dp when Im close. If I think there going to Dp I Delay my Dp so I can beat their invincibility only if I have Two bars to escape. Also, just block eating a throw up close from ryu or ken doesnt really set up them up for crazy cross up shenanigans. For block strings Cr lk/lp Find out how close and far away you have to be before it whiffs.

This isn’t the case lately. They all turtle. Doing C.lp they do a lot though. Doing TK cannon strikes is not one of my strong points either.

how do you go about dealing with fireballs which are being well spaced with no ex bar because jumping in causes me to get a clean srk or trade srk ultra/super/ex fb

I try to do safe jumps, or what I think are safe. Usually striking so I fall faster, or rather move forward less. I’mnot exactly the most in depth player, I don’t know everything. I’ve been trying to learn more and get better. There is a lot to remember. But I safe jump or focus dash them, or try. If I can get in a few times, no matter the player or the shoto, they all get a bit uneasy and start doing unsafe stuff. My strategy at this point is to get in a few times and make them freak a little.

focus dashing doesnt work for me is there a certain distance its better to do it from as i normally eat an attack or projectile and which attacks are best used in the poking war because when i tried using crouching medium it would get countered with hadouken wen i tried doing it psychic as i couldnt get close enough

I tend to play touch and go. If I can get a life lead I will just hang back and try to get in more as I can. I don’t like to let time run out as I come across d/cers who will of course DC me while in a turtled state. I mean, i’m winning right? Why should I make a move? By this, I focus from hlf or farther back of the screen. I guess it depends on the ryu/ken positioning. You gotta like focus dash and guard I guess they will either jump you or corner them selves.

Walk to outside cr.MK range and poke with st.HK.

depending on the fireball spinning back fist might be an option as it’s now just fast enough to punish some plasma. or yeah… inch forward and pop them with a far s.rh during start-up (you’ll prolly eat some damage while your getting the hang of it)